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Week Ended 12/18/21 The Week In Review

African American woman reading the paper and the words "The Week in Review"

Week in review – this week, here in our online magazine, we started by talking about teaching our children to be friends to themselves. We ended the week talking about work-life balance.  Take a look at the articles we shared this week. Feel free to re-read one you enjoyed previously or click on a title that interests you.

Lesson for Your Children – Be a Friend to Yourself

If you are looking for a great lesson for children teach them “be a friend to yourself.” Once your children learn this lesson, they will be happier as adults. Click here to read more.

Miracle Morning – Let Your Light Shine and Let the World See

The first thing that came to me on today’s miracle morning walk was the song “This Little Light of Mine.” I thought about that song and how often we let our light shine versus how often we dim our inner light. Click here to read more.

Get All You Can, Can All You Get – A Great Lesson for Children

Parents should always be on the lookout for a great lesson for children. One of my favorite is -get all you can and can all you get. Click here to read more.

Miracle Morning: How Do You Present Yourself to the World?

Today on my miracle morning walk I passed the trash cans in the picture below. They made me think about how we present ourselves to the world. Click here to read more.

What I Learned From My Accountability Groups This Year

Accountability groups are a good source of support, strength, and ideas that can help you take your ideas from dream to reality. If you are part of one, make plans to use it more strategically from today forward. If you are not part of one, take this opportunity to join or create one. You will be glad you did. Click here to read more.

Take Action Now – What I Learned From People Who Didn’t

This year I learned a lot from people who did not take action now. I learned that in order to succeed, you have to do more than talk. You have to put some action forward. Click here to read more.

Use Technology and Put the World in Your Hands

Technology that used to be a science fiction dream is now a reality – video phones, pocket computers, and access to the internet. We once dreamed of being able to make video calls. Now they are so easily available that children make them every day. Click here to read more.

Miracle Morning: Establish and Appreciate Your Routine

This miracle morning I encourage you to establish and appreciate your routine so that you can be great. Click here to read more.

Confidence Tip – Keep Track of Your Wins

Keep track of your wins, it is one of the best ways to create confidence. I believe everyone has all the confidence they need inside them and that you can create all the confidence you need before you get out of bed in the morning. Start tracking your wins and creating the confidence you need to succeed. Click here to read more.

How to Survive Your Computer Dying

If you enjoy your technology like I do, create a plan to help survive your computer dying. When it comes to protecting your technology and data, don’t get ready, stay ready. Click here to read more.

Miracle Morning: Question of the Day – How Flexible Are You?

My miracle morning routine this morning reminded me to be flexible in my dealings with other people. Flexibility is key to negotiation, compromise, and collaboration. Click here to read more.

You Are Out of Work So Start Something New

If you are unexpectedly out of work, be encouraged it may be an opportunity to try something new. Think about classes, hobbies, and personal improvement projects you would like to start. Click here to read more.

Business Lessons I Received While Running My Business

There are many business lessons I received this year while running my business. It is important to me that I take time on a regular basis to see what I can learn so that I can improve. Click here to read more.

Miracle Morning: We Fall Down, But We Can Get Up Again

Today’s miracle morning walk reminded me of the gospel song, “We Fall Down” by Donny McClurkin. Its famous refrain was, “We fall down, but we get up.” It is a reminder that falling happens and we can recover from a fall. Click here to read more.

Finding a Successful Work-Life Balance is a Struggle

Some people make it look easy to have a successful work-life balance. But no matter what you have heard, it is not an easy task, and that is okay. Click here to read more.

Balance Your Schedule Based on the Life You Have, Not the Life You Want

When you are trying to balance your schedule, do it based on the life you have right now. You will get the best results if you don’t schedule based on what your dream life would be like. Click here to read more.

Find Balance So Work and Home Respect Each Other

One of the best ways to find balance in life is to make sure your work and home lives respect each other. You cannot favor home when it is work time. You cannot favor work when it is home time. Click here to read more.

In addition, we shared some great confidence tips as part of our Confidence Tip of the Day series. Here are  the list of confidence tips we looked at this week.

You have the power to create the life you want.

It’s okay to think first.

That’s it for this week. Join us next week for another look at The Week in Review.