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Use Technology and Put the World in Your Hands

Technology that used to be a science fiction dream is now a reality – video phones, pocket computers, and access to the internet. We once dreamed of being able to make video calls. Now they are so easily available that children make them every day.

African American woman at a computer and the words "Use Technology and Put the World in Your Hands"

I am old enough to remember when computers were big heavy things that got put on a desk and never moved. Over the years I have seen them evolve into laptops,  notebooks, tablets, PDAs, and now smartphones. One thing that has stood out for me with the evolving computer technology arena is that things are getting smaller and more powerful all the time. Today, technology allows us to have the world in our hands at all times. In many ways that is a wonderful thing.

It is terrific to know that technology can help you be independent by putting a world of information in your hands.

Tablets make it easy to store, save, and view information of all sorts. I like tablets that can connect to the internet with ease because of the larger screen size and ease of portability. Technology enables us to be free from wires, papers, and our desks.  In addition, many tablet-sized devices are actually fully functioning computers. For example, my Microsoft Go is a full computer housed inside a container as big as a tablet. This means in less than the amount of space a magazine takes up, I can carry a full computer and all its functionality.

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Recently I was shopping and forgot the ingredients I needed for a recipe. It was not a big deal. I was able to pull out my smartphone, look up the recipe in seconds. I was able to get the items I needed while at the market.  Think about how many times you have been traveling from one place to another and needed directions. When that happened did you pull out your smartphone? If you did, you were able to use it as a GPS device and get to your destination on time and safely?

People holding technology and the word Use Technology and Put the World in Your Hands

As an entrepreneur, I  use my smartphone and tablet for business all the time. I have composed briefs, motions, business plans, and proposals on tablets and smartphones. I have done it while sitting on a commuter train or at a playground. Having portable technology means I do not have to sit at my office desks and wait for clients to call. I can go on vacation, sit on the beach, read a book, and stop my leisure activities to take a client call and get all the information I need to give my clients from my tablet.

Don’t run from technology, embrace it and enjoy the benefits.

Even my e-reader is an awesome device because it allows me to carry all my reference materials in the palm of my hand. My e-reader has more than 2,000 books and 100 documents on it. This means I can study, read, and learn something new with ease and on the road. Gone are the days where you needed to carry a briefcase full of documents, books, and papers. Technology makes it possible to carry lots of information and be independent.

In conclusion, it is terrific to know technology can help you be independent by putting a world of information in your hands. So, the question for you this terrific day is what is the most fun thing you have done with your technology on the go?

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