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Miracle Morning: We Fall Down, But We Can Get Up Again

Miracle Morning idea, we fall down but we can get up

Today’s miracle morning walk reminded me of the gospel song, “We Fall Down” by Donny McClurkin. Its famous refrain was, “We fall down, but we get up.” It is a reminder that falling happens and we can recover from a fall.

African American woman who has fallown down and the words "Miracle Morning We Fall Down But We Can Get Up Again"

During today’s miracle morning walk, I fell down. I literally fell down on the ground. Then I got up. The photo below is a quick makeshift first aid job until I could get to proper medical treatment.

Today’s miracle morning idea is we fall down, but we can get up again. It is a lesson we learn early. If we are fortunate, we learn it often. In business, just as in life, we fall down. There are always going to be bad times that happen. Things in life are cyclical. It is important to remember that if things go wrong, you can recover.

No matter why you fall,  you can recover.

Sometimes when we fall, it is our own fault. We miss deadlines or fail to properly prepare. Other times we do shoddy work or have a bad attitude. All of these things cause us to fail or fall down in business and in our personal lives. Even when this happens, it is possible to get up and start again.

Miracle Morning idea, we fall down but we can get up

When you fall down involves other people, take the steps necessary to make things right. Start by apologizing. Quickly, sincerely, and clearly say, “I am sorry.” Next, fix things. Let the party you have wronged know how you are going to repair any damage that was done. The final step is to figure out ways to keep this situation from happening again in the future.

If you ever experience a business downturn, be encouraged and know that you can get back on top. Review your business plan for ideas on what to do next. Do not run away from failures. Instead, look at the failure objectively. Examine all the circumstances that led to the downturn.  Look for ways to avoid those situations and circumstances in the future.

Miracle Morning idea: We fall down but we can get up.

There is more than one way to get up.

Just as there are numerous ways to fall, there are numerous ways to get back up again. If you fail in business among other things you can:

  • restart the same business with new plan
  • start a new business
  • create a joint venture with another entrepreneur

In life marriages fall apart, friendships break up, and reputations can become damaged. If this happens to you, you can get back up again. Things can be mended. Attitudes can change so that you can recover from downturns. People can move on and find new circles of friends. Even in your personal life, if you fall down, you can get back up.

When you are trying to recover from a fall, do not look for a one size fits all solution. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few attempts to get back up again. The good thing about that is that it is worth the effort required!

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*** What the Miracle Morning means in my world.***

Recently, I decided to start a Miracle Morning routine. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it involves getting up a little earlier in the day. The day starts with you doing SAVERS. To translate that into English, it means:







In my world, I start with spirituality – I read my Bible and pray. Next, I read or write affirmations. I do a lot of work dealing with creating confidence so I read my creating confidence affirmations or spend time creating 1 or 2 more. For visualization, I spend time picturing what will make the day successful.

The exercise involves me taking a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. After my walk, I read. I created a reading list for the mornings. This is a list of books, I want to read for pleasure, for enrichment, or because I need to read them. Finally, it is time to scribe or write. I have decided to turn the things I think about on my walks into blog articles for my scribe activity.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Miracle Morning series.

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  1. Getting up is probably the most important step to succeeding. We don’t do anything worthwhile without failing sometimes. Dusting ourselves off is a crucial step to succeeding. Thanks for this reminder!

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