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Find Balance So Work and Home Respect Each Other

One of the best ways to find balance in life is to make sure your work and home lives respect each other. You cannot favor home when it is work time. You cannot favor work when it is home time. 

It is fantastic to find a balance so work and home each respect each other. If you work or own a business you have responsibilities to that job or business. You must put forth your best efforts and work for the best possible results.  If you have a family you have a responsibility to be a loving and caring member and to give your best efforts to make your family happy, safe, and secure.

In the best of all worlds, these two goals do not conflict and you are able to handle both sets of responsibility with ease and grace. In the real world, sometimes your responsibility to one group causes conflicts with your responsibility to the other.  In order to remain gainfully employed and to remain part of a happy family, you must find a way to get both sides to respect one another.

When you want to have the people at your job or within your business respect your family, you must respect your family. That means you must talk about your family in positive terms in the workplace. If you complain about your family, those in your work environment will think it is okay to do the same and that you will be willing to forsake family obligations for work.

Instead, it is important that you create a reputation at work as someone who loves and respects family. If you treat your family with respect you are in a position to demand that your job and business treat them with respect as well.


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When you want your family to respect that your work or business is important and to know the time spent there is for the good of the family.  In order for that to be the case, you must talk to your family about good things at work, not only the bad things.  By sharing good things as well as the bad about work and business with your family, you let them know there is something worthwhile and good about your work or business.  This will help your family to realize that your work or business should be treated with respect.



You work and you are a member of a family. It is fantastic to find a way to balance things so that they respect one another. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you balance your work and family life to keep both happy?


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  1. This is very sound advice. Oftentimes we are so quick to share the negative things of work with family and vice-versa, and so slow to share the positive. It really does need to be a balance–and I’ll go even further and say that it should be more positive shared than negative.

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