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Miracle Morning: Question of the Day – How Flexible Are You?

My miracle morning routine this morning reminded me to be flexible in my dealings with other people. Flexibility is key to negotiation, compromise, and collaboration.

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Go to the *** below for a description of the Miracle Morning Routine.

As I went on my miracle morning exercise walk this morning, I looked at the store windows along the way. The photo below is the thing that most grabbed my attention this morning. As I looked at the image of the mannequin stretching made me think about how flexible we are in life.

We play many roles and they all require strength.

Women play many roles. We are mothers, spouses, friends, daughters, employers, employees, and entrepreneurs. Each of those roles has distinct obligations and responsibilities. In order to succeed at each of them, you have to be both rigid and flexible. Flexibility is a tricky thing.

Miracle Morning - How Flexible Are You?

Of course, we need to bend and be flexible. At the same time, we must stand for something or we will fall for anything. It is a difficult balancing act, but it must be done. When it comes to your personal relationships, you must give a little and get a little in return. The same is true in professional relationships. Even entrepreneurs must learn the subtle art of give and take.

It is good to be strong. Strength is one of the most important assets a woman can have. In order to be good at all the things that make up a woman, she must be strong. She must be able to make a decision and stick with it. At the same time, she must be flexible. Circumstances change, people change and thus flexibility is required.

There is strength in knowing when and how to bend.

When I encounter challenging decisions, I am reminded of the story about the wind the oak, and the willow tree. Once there was a big rainstorm. When the winds came, the oak tree was strong and rigid. It could not bend in the wind so it broke in the storm. The willow tree bent with the wind and survived the storm.

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We must learn to be like willow trees. It is important that we learn how to bend in the wind and survive. It takes a special strength to be able to stand strong and at the same time be able to bend and be flexible. It is a strength we can all develop if we put in the work. So do it. Learn how to bend with strength and survive.

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Miracle Morning - How Flexible Are You?

*** What the Miracle Morning means in my world.***

Recently, I decided to start a Miracle Morning routine. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it involves getting up a little earlier in the day. The day starts with you doing SAVERS. To translate that into English, it means:


In my world, I start with spirituality – I read my Bible and pray. Next, I read or write affirmations. I do a lot of work dealing with creating confidence so I read my creating confidence affirmations or spend time creating 1 or 2 more. For visualization, I spend time picturing what will make the day successful.

The exercise involves me taking a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. After my walk, I read. I created a reading list for the mornings. This is a list of books, I want to read for pleasure, for enrichment, or because I need to read them. Finally, it is time to scribe or write. I have decided to turn the things I think about on my walks into blog articles for my scribe activity.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Miracle Morning series.

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