• Thu. Mar 9th, 2023

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3 Lessons From People Who Refuse to Take Action Now

There are 3 lessons I have learned from people who refuse to TAN aka Take Action Now. A smart entrepreneur can learn something new every day if she tries. There are some people who take action now and get things done. There are others who refuse to take action now and they never get things done. No matter which one you are, there are lessons to be learned.



Those who don’t TAN (Take Action Now) have lessons to teach those who are trying to decide whether or not to TAN. When a person TANs, she take action now. She walks up to the table and does what needs to be done today. She does not wait for some mysterious “Someday” to appear on the calendar. Even those who don’t TAN can teach something to others.


When you fail to take action now, you spend every day dreaming of “Someday.”


If you are a person who fails to take action now, things will not get done. One thing that is common among people who fail to take action now is talk of “Someday.” They talk about Someday as if it were a real day on the calendar. They say, “Someday I will do this.” Or they say, “Someday I will do that.” Interestingly, this and that never actually gets gone. Often these Someday people sit back and wonder where the time has gone. They wonder what happens to the minutes, hours days, and weeks that they spend working, planning, and hoping. The answer is actually quite simple – nothing. Nothing happens if you are waiting for Someday to come along.

Someday is not a day on the calendar. You cannot make plans for something to happen Someday because never arrives. Someday does not exist. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. From now on when you talk about the future and things you will do in the future do not mention Someday, instead speak in terms of a real day. For example, do not say, “Someday I will own my own business.” Instead say, ” In the summer of 2018 I will start operating my business.” Make today the day you stop planning for Someday and start doing what needs to be done. The following is a story to illustrate the point.


In Philadelphia there were five birds sitting on a telephone wire talking about plans for the winter.

Three of the birds decides to go to Florida for the winter holidays.

Question: How many birds were left on the telephone wire.

Answer: Five because deciding to do something is not the same as actually doing something.


The moral of the story is that all the thinking, planning, and dreaming in the world don’t mean a thing if you don’t put some action behind it.

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When you fail to take action now, your dreams are always just around the corner.


A person who fails to take action now is a person who never gets things done. A person who does not take action now is always chasing her dream. She appears to be running after it day and night, but never actually gets there. A woman who fails to take action now will always be looking around the corner waiting for her dream to come true. On the other hand, a woman who takes action now does not sit looking around the corner for her dream to come true. No indeed! A woman who knows how to take action now dreams big dreams and achieves them. She achieves them because she puts in the work and does what needs to be done in order to make her dreams come true.





If you are a person who has not been taking action now to get things done in her life, today is the day you can make changes. There is a lot of work involved when a person decides to take action now and get things done. The good news is that no matter how out of practice you are and no matter how unfamiliar you are with the idea, you can start to take action now and get things done. Make a list of the things that need to be done and spend time each day doing those things. Once you develop the habit of taking action now each day and getting things done it will become easier and a habit well worth the effort to keep it. Most importantly, when you are a person who takes action now and gets things done, your dreams come true.



When you fail to take action now the grass is always greener on the other side.


It is common for people to be envious of others and to say that the grass is always greener on the other side. One possible reason why the grass may be greener on the other side is that on the other side they mow the lawn, fertilize the grass, and tend to the needs of the lawn. Life is that way. If you want things to happen, if you want little things to grow and flourish, you must take action now and take care of them.

No matter what you dream of happening in your life, you will never go from dream to reality without putting in the work. When you have friends who are achieving great things do not be envious or angry. Instead, look at them and see how they are taking action now and getting things done. When you do, instead of being jealous about their grass aka their dreams, tend to your own grass. In other words, get up and start taking action to make your own dreams come true.

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