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Lesson for Your Children – Be a Friend to Yourself

If you are looking for a great lesson for children teach them “be a friend to yourself.” Once your children learn this lesson, they will be happier as adults. Two happy African American children and the words "Lesson for Your Children Be a Friend to Yourself" You can find serenity in teaching your children to be a friend to themselves.  This article is another in a series devoted to sharing lessons I learned and am teaching my children. These lessons are good tips for both children and adults. Previous articles dealt with teaching our children  it’s okay to fail and “get all you can and can all you get.”  In upcoming articles, I will share my ideas on: The special lesson for today is one I got from my children’s kindergarten teacher, “be a friend to yourself.”  My 18-year-old son was the first of my children to be taught this lesson. When he was in kindergarten his teacher, Mrs. Friedman,  at Gladwyne Elementary School, taught the children that they had to show themselves good friendship. Five years later, Mrs. Friedman was the kindergarten teacher for one of my twins. I was thrilled to see she was teaching the children the same lesson. In order to be a friend to others, you must treat yourself as a friend.  This is a fact, plain and simple. It is one simple enough for a brand new kindergarten child to learn. Many adults push this lesson out of their minds with the responsibilities and trials of adulthood. We treat our friends with:
  • courtesy
  • respect
  • kindness
  • dignity
  • understanding
Often, we forget to give ourselves the same treatment we gi e our friends and that is a sad thing. If a five-year-old knows and understands that she should treat herself with friendship and respect, she will grow up learning to demand respect from others. A child who grows up learning she should be courteous to herself, she will understand that she should extend courtesy to others. A child who learns to treat herself with kindness will have the tool necessary to show kindness to the world. A kindergarten student who learns he should have a sense of personal dignity will not lightly destroy the dignity of another.  A little girl who grows up learning she should show herself understanding and compassion will be able to share those ideas with the world at large.
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Be a friend to yourself, every day. Make sure you get the rest you need, the proper food, the proper circle of friends. When you are faced with a question about how you should behave in a certain situation, ask yourself how you would advise someone you care about to act.    

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Figure out what is the best possible advice you could give in the situation and take it yourself. In all your actions, be a friend to yourself. It is not wrong to be a friend to yourself, it is the bare minimum that you owe yourself as a human being.  Being a friend to yourself is an important lesson for our children and a lesson we should not forget as adults.
In conclusion, by being a friend to yourself, you make it possible for you to be the best person you can be and thus makes you a better person to have in the world. So, the question for you this serene day is, what are you going to do to show yourself good friendship? Janeane Davis author bio