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Take Action Now – What I Learned From People Who Didn’t

African American woman dressed for outdoor exercise and the words "Take Action Now What I Learned From People Who Didn't"

This year I learned a lot from people who did not take action now. I learned that in order to succeed, you have to do more than talk. You have to put some action forward.


African American woman dressed for outdoor exercise and the words "Take Action Now What I Learned From People Who Didn't"


It is magnificent to take action now and I have learned that those who do not are less happy and less successful. The idea behind TAN aka take action now is that eventually in every journey there comes a time where one must get up take action and stop talking. In most cases, success comes when one takes action now and stops talking about taking action and how to take action. Over the course of the past year, I have watched people plan for magnificent and wonderful things.

I have had friends plan to:

•Start a new modeling agency
•Start a record company
•Start a business as a motivational speaker
•Start graduate school

I described these items as things my friends planned to do and not things my friends actually did. The reason for that is simple. These people talked about it, but they never did anything about it. They talked a good game and made some interesting and innovative plans. What they did not do is take action now and actually start doing the things they planned and talked about.

It seems in life there are people who talk about it and people who take action now. I learned that when I hear someone talking about their plans to listen for action words and timetables. If I hear action words and timetables in the talking I remain interested. These are plans that may happen. These are dreams that may come true. On the other hand, if there are no action words and no timetables, I know I am talking with someone who talks about it, but will never actually be about it. Armed with that knowledge I can act accordingly. This is a person who will not take action now and will most likely not be successful.


Its-not-only-that-talk[1]Next, I look at what the person does. If she follows the action plan she laid out and works towards meeting the time frame she suggested, she is about something. This is a woman who will more likely than not go from talking about a plan to actually achieving a plan. I have learned that action speaks louder than words. So while I do like to hear a well-thought-out plan, I prefer a plan that I see moving along. This is a person who had made the decision to take action now and to succeed.

I am a busy woman. I own businesses, I have a husband, four children, a dog, and a cat. I do not have unlimited time to squander on people who are unable to take action now to achieve their own dreams. People who talk instead of taking action, tend to spend a lot of time talking. In fact, the talking takes more time and is more draining than actually if the person would actually take action now. Additionally, people who do not take action now, complain more and give off more negative energy. I do not have time for any of that.

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Each of my days only have 24 hours and I have to be particular about how I spend them. As a result, I have decided to spend less time with people who talk about it. I will give my time and energy to people who

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In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and I have learned that those who do not are less happy and less successful. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what have you learned from those who never take action?


16 thoughts on “Take Action Now – What I Learned From People Who Didn’t”
  1. It’s important to have a good idea. But yes, it’s taking the steps to make it happen that will get you somewhere!

  2. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to toss a lot of “I’d love to try…” at the wall, even if you don’t do them. Sometimes once you speak it or get feedback, you realize why it’s not a good idea. But if you never, ever take action then maybe it’s time for a little nudge 🙂

  3. Yea, I can’t afford to waste time. For me, it’s the opposite problem: rearranging and rescheduling so I CAN commit to the stuff I want to do!

  4. I am dragging and not taking action now. My career has ended and I’m trying to find what to do next. An idea came up a few weeks ago but still I haven’t acted on it. I’m pretty sure you posted this for me to get up and follow through 🙂

    I really needed this!

  5. I’m learning that I need to be more proactive – or less I’ll likely be stuck like those that do not take action are. I have lots of goals for the new year, and right now I am taking action to get things scheduled for the rest of December, as I plan to take time off once the baby is here (any day now!).

  6. I’m surrounded by people who have awesome ideas and who take action, so their ambition rubs off on me. I love it and appreciate the support we all offer each other!

  7. I think you need to surround yourself with like-minded people, so if you are TAN-minded, definitely work with others who are driven!

  8. Like Ashley above, I have learned many times that they can and will drag you down with them. While I started blogging kind of happenstance, I have a clear vision and goals of where I want my business to go and am actively (and proactively) taking action now

  9. Take action now and stop talking about it… that’s pretty much how I started blogging! Haha. I have a few others things on my to-do list that could probably use some action NOW!

  10. I have learned that they can drag you down with them. It can make your own struggle that much harder to beat if you let them do it.

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