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African American Family and the word family

Most entrepreneurs have families they care about. Those families include spouses, children, parents, and even distant cousins. Family relationships are one of the things that make all the work an entrepreneur does worth it. While you are working to build your business, please remember to take time to build, nurture, and care for your family.


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  • Lessons for Our Children – Don’t Get Ready, Stay Ready

Lessons for Our Children – Don’t Get Ready, Stay Ready

Life is full of lessons for our children including - don't get ready, stay ready. If we teach them this lesson when they are young, they will be better prepared…

Get All You Can, Can All You Get – A Great Lesson for Children

Parents should always be on the lookout for a great lesson for children. One of my favorite is -get all you can and can all you get.

Lesson for Your Children – Be a Friend to Yourself

If you are looking for a great lesson for children teach them "be a friend to yourself." Once your children learn this lesson, they will be happier as adults.