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African American Family and the word family

Most entrepreneurs have families they care about. Those families include spouses, children, parents, and even distant cousins. Family relationships are one of the things that make all the work an entrepreneur does worth it. While you are working to build your business, please remember to take time to build, nurture, and care for your family.


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Aahh, I Was a Mama

I told the nurse, "no that is not what I want, for my child," and aahh, I was a mama. Today I am exploring the moment I discovered I was…

Each Child Can Be Independent in a Different Way

You can find serenity in teaching your children to be independent, but be child specific in your lessons.

Creating Family Traditions is Cool!

Family traditions are the special and unique activities we do over and over that make family life special. It is through our traditions that we live forever. By creating and…