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African American Family and the word family

Most entrepreneurs have families they care about. Those families include spouses, children, parents, and even distant cousins. Family relationships are one of the things that make all the work an entrepreneur does worth it. While you are working to build your business, please remember to take time to build, nurture, and care for your family.


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Best Advice From a Friend (Grandma)

Advice from a friend is a treasured resource. If you have friends who share good advice with you, appreciate it. Then find a way to use it to make life…

“Spy Games” – A Movie Full of Great Lessons

It is sensational when you can watch a movie like "Spy Games" and learn some great lessons that help you personally and professionally.

Aaahh, I was on My Own

When I was 19 years old I moved into my first apartment. And just like that, I was on my own, an aaaahhh, moment.

Celebrate Your Children

Every day is a great day to celebrate your children. There are few things more valuable to a child than a parent's love and admiration.

Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff

Each summer children finish school for the year and parents travel for family vacations. For some families travel is a glorious experience, for others, it is a horrible experience that…

New Look at Parent/Kid Relationships – We’re Not Friends

Take a new look at the parent/kid relationship and realize you are not friends. The relationship you have is multi-faceted and important. Parents and kids are logs of things, but…

Organization for Real People

When it comes to keeping your home, work at organization for real people. Do not try to follow all the magazine tips that work for families that are nothing like…

I am Their Parent – Not Their Friend

Find serenity by realizing that being a parent is harder than being a friend to your children, but it is so worth the effort. It is always fun to listen…

Wake Up With Loved Ones It is a Magnificent Thing to Do

There is something magnificent about waking up surrounded by loved ones. There is strength in numbers if those numbers work together in harmony of purpose. Perhaps that is the magnificence…

It is Wonderful When a Loved One Returns Home After Time Away

There is nothing more wonderful than the return of a loved one after time away. Like most people, I love when a loved one returns after a time away. I…