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Take Action Now – A Year In Review

Mondays at Janeane’s World are all about Take Action Now. The idea behind take action now is that in order to get things done, a person needs to get up,move and take action, now, at this very moment. There are so many people all over the world who want to do things, accomplish great things and live great lives. Many of these people never do things, never reach greatness and lead lives full of regret. One of the reasons for this is that they never get moving, never take action now and get things done. If you are struggling to get things done in your life and need to find a way to take action now to get things done, check out this article which is full of my favorite take action now articles from the past year.


Take Action Now to Follow A Dream 



It is magnificent to know you really can take action now and follow a dream. Some people have beautiful china closets full of gorgeous, precious dishes that look at, dust and admire, but never use. I look at those people with amazement. Often many hours were devoted to finding just the right china pattern, picking out the perfect china closet and to arranging the dishes on the beautiful shelves. The china was put on the shelves to be admired and never used. There are other people who also have beautiful china closets full of gorgeous, precious china dishes that come out of the china closet and make it to the dining room table a couple of times each year. The people in the first group are like people who are reluctant to take TAN aka action now to achieve their dreams. The people in the second group are people understand that there is a time and place for everything.

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Take Action Now to Keep Your Marriage Happy Over the Long Term


It is magnificent to take action now and make a happy marriage work-long term. This space is usually devoted to tips, advice and encouragement to take action now to accomplish something in your professional life. My readers are mostly working women, many of whom are married or wish to be married. At the encouragement of a wonderful Facebook group to support Christian wives, a prepared this special edition of take action now – how to take action now to make a happy marriage last long-term.

The first step in making a marriage last over the long-term is to know the value of marriage. Just as the best meals start with the selection of the just the right  ingredients, the best marriages start with the right pieces. I am a church girl at heart (and soul) so for me, a happy marriage starts with having a good relationship with God and recognition of the place of marriage in Christian life. For me, that means following the advice in Proverbs 31:10-31, which says a virtuous wife is more precious than rubies and her husband can safely trust in her. The Proverbs 31 wife is incredible. She runs her home, businesses, and manages things for her husband. Take action now to be a virtuous woman, a woman to whom your husband can safely trust his heart.

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Take the Mystery Out of Why You Don’t Take Action Now



It is magnificent to take the mystery out of why you do not take action now so you can move forward and accomplish your goals. Take action now means to step up now, this very moment and do what needs to be done. When you take action now you move forward towards completing and accomplishing your goals. One thing that keeps people from taking action now is that they do not know why they do not act. For these people the reason they do not move from plan to action is a mystery.

When you take the mystery out of whatever it is that keeps you from making the move to take action now you will be able to move forward with confidence. It is important to figure out why you do not take action now when action is needed. Once you understand why you do not act when you should, you can work to figure out how to take action when it is needed. It is kind of like the saying from the old cartoon, “knowing is half the battle.”

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Take Action Now – Learn A New Way to Do It




It is magnificent to learn a new way to take action now. At the start of the each new school year, people all over America start thinking about learning new ways to do things. If you are having trouble finding a way to take action now, this is a good time to learn some new tricks. Take action now means to get up right now and do whatever it is that needs to be done. When we take action now, we kiss fear, procrastination and excuses out the door. When we take action now, we do like the sneaker commercial and just do it. It is important to learn to take action now because when we do, we succeed!

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Take Action Now Commit to An Accountability Group




It is magnificent to take action now and commit to improvement with an accountability group. TAN also known as take action now means that you step up right now and do what needs doing. When a person takes action now, she gets moving and kicks procrastination to the curb. For some people, it is easier to take action now when a person is part of an accountability group that helps them stay on task.

If you are new to accountability groups, check out these articles I have written on the subject in the past:

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  2. Commit to Take Action Now With an Accountability Group
  3. What I Learned From My Accountability Group

It doesn’t matter if you have been part of an accountability group before or not. Today is a great day to form an accountability group with a few folks and starting to take action now to make things happen. An accountability group of two or more people who agree to help one another and to hold one another accountable to reach their goals and to continue moving forward without excuse.

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Take Action Now – Control Your Emotions




It is magnificent to take action now and to handle your emotions while you do it. When we take action now, we step up to the plate and do the things necessary to get things done. There are many reasons why people do not take action now, and instead stall, procrastinate and think of reasons not to move forward. One of the big reasons is a lack of control of emotions, good emotions and bad emotions.

It is important to be able to identify and handle your emotions. This is important because when emotions cannot be identified and handled, they can cripple and cause action not to be taken or to be taken in vain. Human beings are multipart creatures – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. When we take action now we must take into account all parts of ourselves. In other words, do not take the emotion out of the equation when you take action now, instead, recognize the emotions that exist or will come into play and use that as part of your move to take action now.

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Take Action Now – Don’t Let Fear Stop You




It is magnificent to TAN aka take action now because there  no reward for fear.  A reality of life is that nothing gets done until action takes place. That is the idea behind the phrase “take action now.” The point is that procrastination must stop, and a way to get things done must be found. One thing that keeps people from taking action now and getting things done is fear. Fear is commonly defined as an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension because of the anticipation of danger. There are several approaches to dealing with fear. One approach is to hide, procrastinate or be paralyzed. Another reaction is to put on the big girl panties, suck up the fear and to move, to take action now even though the fear is present.


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Take Action Now Because Someone is Watching



It is magnificent to take action now because there is someone watching you. It is inevitable in life that we make plans and dream dreams. Our plans and dreams do not take place in a vacuum, there are always others who watch us, who want to see what we are doing. Reputations are made by the actions we take as well as the actions we do not take. When plans are made and dreams are shared, those around us become part of our plans and our dreams. When we take action now and act on our plans and dreams we succeed and those watching us succeed as well.

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22 thoughts on “Take Action Now – A Year In Review”
  1. Taking action now on whatever you are struggling with really does make it easier. I like to be pro-active and gets things accomplished…it makes me feel good to have a plan of action and start it!

  2. Taking action now always feels really good to me – it makes me feel invested in my success, attentive to my goals and committed. I feel like I am really working towards what I want. That feeling keeps me motivated and makes me review whenever I feel like procrastinating or get stuck.

  3. Janeane, every time I read your post I get the feeling I get when I’m in church “Wait, I didn’t tell pastor that!” I feel like I am reading the diary of my inner thoughts right her on Janeane’s world! We just discussed having a word/phrase and action was my word for 2014 yet I fell short so many times many of which are listed above.

    Thanks girl for being my “secret” accountability partner.

  4. I agree with you so much. I’m in the “Just Do It” school but the premise is the same. You have to play to win and any other way to say it. Thanks for the encouraging post.

  5. Taking action now is the only way to get what you want out of life. Thanks for all the great advice!

  6. I like the idea of “take action now”. It’s powerful. We often leave things for later, for another day for another moment. We shouldn’t!! We should commit to what we want to change or improve now.

  7. This is such a great post! It is so inspiring. It makes me want to go take action on all the things i have waited so long to do

  8. I love this because it’s true…someone is always watching and you never know who! Just always do things with good intention and actions will turn into great results!

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