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Take Action Now – Control Your Emotions



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It is magnificent to take action now and to handle your emotions while you do it. When we take action now, we step up to the plate and do the things necessary to get things done. There are many reasons why people do not take action now, and instead stall, procrastinate and think of reasons not to move forward. One of the big reasons is a lack of control of emotions, good emotions and bad emotions.

It is important to be able to identify and handle your emotions. This is important because when emotions cannot be identified and handled, they can cripple and cause action not to be taken or to be taken in vain. Human beings are multipart creatures – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. When we take action now we must take into account all parts of ourselves. In other words, do not take the emotion out of the equation when you take action now, instead, recognize the emotions that exist or will come into play and use that as part of your move to take action now.

When a person begins to take action now, that person will start to feel things, good things, bad things, exciting things and scary things. It is these emotions that stop people from doing what they knew to take action now. Look the things you want to do, those big dream projects. As you make plans to take action now take time to think about the emotions you will feel as a result of that action.

For example, let’s say you have a plan to start selling a new product. As you prepare to take action now on the new product line, think about how you will feel if the best possible outcome from your action comes to pass. Next, think about how you will feel if the worst possible outcome from your action comes to pass. Once you recognize the emotions that will be attached to either side of your decision to take action now, you will be able to take action with a stronger sense of confidence.




In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and to handle your emotions while you do it. So the question for you this magnificent day is how are you going to keep your emotions in check while you take action now?

45 thoughts on “Take Action Now – Control Your Emotions”
  1. So many people let their emotions get the better of them. Learning how to control them can save making mistakes and have regret later.

  2. I think even talking about your emotions helps, too. Sometimes there are things you just need to get off your chest.

  3. Good point, being aware makes you better in control.

  4. It can be hard to handle emotions, but it’s definitely something to strive for. Sometimes the smallest of problems become so big just because people can’t handle themselves.

  5. My Dad’s nickname for me is “The Human Valium.” I guess that means I’m pretty calm most of the time.

  6. Well said. Emotions are essential but to understand and control them is easier said then done. I freely admit I need work in that area. Leading with my heart is definitely hard and the ramifications can be life altering. Thanks for the post and the check!

  7. I am a very emotional person whether it is crying easily, mad easily or happy. It is definitely hard for me to check myself sometimes.

  8. This has always been one of my biggest struggles, I can be very emotional wearing my emotions on my sleeve most of the time they get me in trouble.

  9. It has gotten easier for me to keep my actions in check as I take action as I have gotten older.

  10. I think this is something you definitely gain with age. I think of myself in my teenage years and those emotions were SO strong. I hate to think how I acted sometimes!

  11. Such an important reminder. We accomplish so much more if we can take the emotion out of our actions.

  12. I’ve learned that I need to get my emotions in check before I speak. Otherwise, I regret my actions.

  13. I can be emotional at times. I try to keep it under control though until no one is around. Another great post as usual.

  14. I admit that I can be somewhat emotional. I do try to control it but yes, sometimes they get the best of me.

  15. I am always emotional in the morning. The weight of the day ahead and the stress can be too much to bear some days! I am working on stress release!

  16. I’m such an emotional person. I try not to be but I swear I cry at almost all movies I go see!

  17. I am notorious for being extremely emotional and have been accused of being reactive at the worst if times.
    I’ve been working on harnessing my emotions but honestly happy tears are just the best tears! Im not prone to explode in a fit of rage like I did when I was growing up which is great.
    It’s just learning the best and appropriate avenues to express them!

  18. I try to keep a good handle on my emotions, but I’ll admit – not as easy as I’d like. The way we handle emotions does impact all areas of our life.

  19. It’s so hard sometimes to think before I act. Especially in front of my kids. I’m working on this!

  20. This is such an important lesson to learn, but not always the easiest! Great post!

  21. Control the emotions or they will control you. You have to remember….emotion is usually a reaction to something that someone else has said or done. Before you react, ask yourself…do you care about what that person thinks? Does it really matter? When you react, you have given that other person power over you and your life, even if it is just for a minute. Don’t do that. Don’t give them that power.

  22. It’s very
    important to control your emotion and if you are able to do so, it’s one of the
    signs of being matured. Making decisions based on unstable emotion can lead to
    detrimental consequences. It is very important to master your emotion and take
    control of it. πŸ™‚

  23. I definitely bite my tongue a lot to keep my emotions in check. It has gotten easier as I have gotten older to keep my emotions in check.

  24. I am a very emotional person so I need to make sure that I don’t over react or keep my emotions in. Great quote!

  25. It is the one thing we forget that no matter the situation, we still are in control of our emotions. It is hard to not react to certain things that happen to us.

  26. this is my BIGGEST weakness. i’m trying to pause so i don’t react so much.

    learning curve.

  27. You have such a great outlook. Sometimes spontaneity can be dangerous.

  28. It’s always best to think things through carefully and not to decide anything based on emotion. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  29. Its tough sometimes, but try to remove yourself. Write down your pros & cons on paper and let the emotion get out there and then make a balanced decision.

  30. I am taking action now, and feel sad–So I am stuffing my face with yummy chips and cheese.

  31. So true. Every decision has an emotion!

  32. You have to know when your emotions could affect decision making. Sometimes it’s best to take some time before reacting too quickly based on those emotions.

  33. I can’t help but agree 100%! I’m a very rational person so when I’m not overly emotional due to hormone issues, my head really does rationalize my emotions as they enter my brain. I find it a lot easier to take action when your emotions are in check and dealt with in a healthy way πŸ™‚

  34. I agree. Your emotions can effect your life. They can protect you or maybe harm you. I feel you should look before you leap, and think before you speak. In the long run someone always is impacted one way or another by emotions.

  35. Ya emotions are very strong in every important decision we make and I cannot control them lol or my anxiety….

  36. You can’t make every decision emotionless though – your emotions are what can protect you!

  37. This is such great advice! I think it’s hard not to let emotions affect your decision making.

  38. This is such great advice to share. I agree, taking action now is key!

  39. Great advice! I often let my emotions run away with me and have a hard time listening to reason when I have strong feelings about something… emotions are great when they can be handled properly.

  40. It’s easy for me to keep myself in check because I’m very in touch with myself. You can’t help how you feel and communication is key.

  41. This is good advice. Other good advice – Happiness is a choice.

  42. My emotions get the best of me more often than not. People that know me, know it’s just the way I am.

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