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Take Action Now – Commit to An Accountability Group

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It is magnificent to take action now and commit to improvement with an accountability group. TAN also known as take action now means that you step up right now and do what needs doing. When a person takes action now, she gets moving and kicks procrastination to the curb. For some people, it is easier to take action now when a person is part of an accountability group that helps them stay on task.

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It doesn’t matter if you have been part of an accountability group before or not. Today is a great day to form an accountability group with a few folks and starting to take action now to make things happen. An accountability group of two or more people who agree to help one another and to hold one another accountable to reach their goals and to continue moving forward without excuse.

Accountable means responsible, to be responsible to somebody or for something. Accountability usually means the state of being accountable, an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility. As the member of an accountability group, you are responsible not only take action now to achieve your own goals and dreams, but to help the members of your group stay on task and achieve their goals and dreams.

Accountability groups are not for the lazy and unwilling. It is an active process to be a member of an accountability group. If you tell your accountability group members that you are going to do some work and carry out certain tasks, you must do that work and carry out the tasks. Additionally, if the members of your group state they will do something, you must not allow them to get away with not doing it. Instead, you must act to be sure they honor their word and take action now to get things done.

An accountability group like friends may be for a reason, a season or lifetime. Additionally, if the group is not benefitting you, there is nothing wrong with leaving one accountability group and going off to start another. The wonderful thing about accountability groups is that they offer support, a team, a coach and a cheerleader all in one convenient package. If you find yourself willing to take action now but unable because you need more support create an accountability group.

You can form a group with a myriad of people:
– co-workers
– family members
– friends
– team members

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and commit to improvement with an accountability group. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how could you use an accountability group?

47 thoughts on “Take Action Now – Commit to An Accountability Group”
  1. I need to join an accountability group for working out. I’m awful at just doing it. That’s why I did so great with Weight Watchers- I had meetings to go to weekly.

  2. I could use an accountability group for healthy eating and exercise… an excellent concept.

  3. I see having a group like this is one of the only ways to be held accountable. Often we can be too easy on ourselves and make excuses or just half way do things. Having partners that are there to encourage and hold us accountable really makes a difference. Now getting things done isn’t just for us. It’s for all of us.

  4. An accountability group is an amazing idea! We don’t formally call ourselves that, but my group at work is sort of like one. We work hard to encourage one another.

  5. I’m in the process of forming a group now! It’s so important to have others aware of your goals that will hold you to them!

  6. Good idea. I like trying to hold myself accountable to myself- but sometimes having back up is nice.

  7. I actually started an accountability group with friends and family on Facebook recently. It’s helped us all so much already.

  8. That’s a great plan. Especially if you struggle to stay on track

  9. so true. I walk with friends and they are my accountablilty. If you have no one to be accountable too you don’t try as hard.

  10. Right now I have my close friends that I talk to about what we ate and I also have my mom and granny!

  11. I definitely need a NEW accountability group for eating healthy, and making sure I don’t spend too much time blogging – lol. There never seems to be enough hours in the day!

  12. I need an accountability group to make sure Im working out on a regular basis! It does so much for sleep, stress and eating habits but I don’t do it as much as I should

  13. Having someone to keep you accountable is a big plus. They make sure that you say on track and reach your goals.

  14. I’m sure I could use it to keep me on task and less distracted than I usually am. Neat idea to do something like this.

  15. I am in a few different accountability group networks. I can definitely be consisten when I work with them. I can tell a big difference when I haven’t visited them in a bit.

  16. I need to look into an accountability group! Being consistent is hard sometimes with busy schedules!!

  17. Having someone hold you accountable is very effective in reaching your goals. I have several accountability partners for various aspects of life.

  18. I try hard to be accountable. I never thought to be in an accountability group. Might have to look into joining one.

  19. I have actually joined a group recently to help me keep up with my quiet time with God. I am looking forward to it.

  20. Great tip! I could definitely use an accountability group for working out!

  21. It’s an interesting approach. I prefer to be accountable to myself.

  22. Wow…this is a really good idea. I am a horrible procrastinator. It would be good to have a friend keep me on track.

  23. It is so important to check in with people on similar journeys. It is helpful to have someone to talk to.

  24. I know a few friends in a group like this. I need to get into one!

  25. This sounds great. I’ve never been in a group like it, but sounds like it could be useful!

  26. I have never been in an accountability group but it sounds like a very good thing to get and stay motivated.

  27. I usually have a accountability partner when tackling life changing task – stop smoking – losing weight. Makes a huge difference!

  28. I currently have an accountability for weight loss. I could use on in a couple of other areas of my life.

  29. I’ve had an accountability partner in the past…I might need to consider a group in the future. Its always good to have a support system.

  30. Support and accountability is essential more and more in business.

  31. Accountability groups are great ideas. We have accountability partners that really help.

  32. Accountability is so important. If we have people to help us stay on tract we will be more successful.

  33. I use an accountability group for workout challenges. I think that I used Weight Watchers as a similar group (when I went to meetings regularly.) I definitely should use them more. 🙂

  34. I want to get more accountable with my healthy eating and exercise. I need to get together with some friends so we can make progress together!!

  35. I currently use an accountability group with my new blog. She is such a helper and advice giver and then I in turn help her w her community blog in return. It is SO hard to find people that are truly accountable!

  36. I do so much better when I have a friend to keep my accountable. Putting my goals out there means I need to do them!

  37. Great post! I consider my blog my accountability group. I use it to keep me accountable to my weight loss journey. I feel like I push harder and stay committed when I know that the world is watching.

  38. I think this is how weight watchers works. Hold yourself accountable with the help if peers. I think you’ve made it a little formal but telling a friends you’re going to work on something helps.

  39. You always have such inspiring words! I’m so glad that I have a few great blogging friends to hold me accountable!

  40. Accountability groups are a huge help. It even helps me if it’s just my hubby that keeps me accountable!

  41. Accountability groups really do help us reach our goals! I need to start one for keeping on track with my fitness.

  42. Several of my collage classes were done “group” style where we had to work as a group on projects for an entire semester. It definitely made me step up my game.

  43. This is great for a lot of areas like losing weight, spiritual health and work too.

  44. What a great idea,never heard of this before sounds like it will help in making sure stuff gets done :-).

  45. accountability partners are the best way to help me get any goals accomplished!

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