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Using an Accountability Group to TAN


All over the world, there are people who have things they want to accomplish, goals they would like to reach and journeys they would like to make. There is one thing stopping them, a refusal to TAN, take action now. It is so important to Take Action Now that this blog has devoted an entire series to the idea of taking action now. There have been articles  about, why you should TAN,  using mind maps as a tool to TAN, and using vision boards as a tool to TAN. This final article in the series is about using accountability groups to help you TAN.

Several of my Facebook friends became real life friends when we attended  a conference together. At the conference we talked about forming an accountability group and using it to TAN in our own lives. My group is composed of Rachee Fagg who blogs at Say it Rah-shay  and Pamela Brown Margolis who blogs at The Unconventional Librarian Our accountability group is new and we are still working out the kinks, but I am hopeful. At the beginning of the month, we share three goals for the month. Each Sunday we share one thing we will do that week to work towards accomplishing each goal. Each Friday we report how we did. I am hoping that having to report to the other ladies will force me move towards completing my goals.

Here are some ideas you can use to start an accountability group of your own:

1.      Keep the group small, no more than a handful of people
2.      Make a list of goals that are SMART (specific, realistic achievable, realitistic and time bound)
3.      Share your goals with your accountability group
4.      Make a plan for how often you will meet to share progress and spur each other on
5.      Participate in the group as if your life depends upon it, because when you think about it, it does

Acountability, encompasses the idea of being accountable, of having to answer to someone or something. As a result, members of an accountability group must answer to one another. Each member of an accountability group owes it to the other members of the group to work towards accomplishing her own goals. Each member also owes to other members of the group a duty to encourage each member to try to achieve her own goals. In other words, accountability groups are not for the lazy.

In conclusion, team work makes the dream work. So, the question for you this magnificent day is what goals would you like to establish an accountability group to help you accomplish?
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  1. OUr group is new and we are learning. It seems to be helping everyone so far. We will see six months from now and a year from now.

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