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When It Comes to Technology Be A Belt And Suspenders Girl

When it comes to technology, be a belt and suspenders girl. In other words, have a backup for your backup. In the event of trouble, you will be glad you did!

It is wonderful to use your technology to keep all your information easily accessible even in the event of a disaster.


Recently I was speaking with a woman who was upset because she lost all her contacts and photographs when she lost her smartphone. I felt sorry for her and reminded myself I must continue to duplicate my data. We have to work smart when it comes to our technology. Once upon a time, we stored all our information on paper. We had originals that we saved in safe and secure storage spaces. We kept copies for regular use and review. Everyone understood the importance of having an heir and a spare. In other words, people understood that there should always be a backup copy. My husband likes to call the idea wearing a belt and suspenders. In all you do with your data, you must have a backup and a backup for that backup.

Just a few days ago my laptop decided once again that it is only going to work for seven to ten minutes at a time. The problem with that is that I need to work on my computer for 60 minutes or more at a time. Interestingly, I was not overly concerned. I did not feel the need to immediately rush out to get a replacement laptop. Even with my computer basically worthless I still had all my information at my fingertips.

I save all my data in the cloud and back it up in the regular course of business. All of my devices use a cloud-based word processor for most of my writing. When I need to use a spreadsheet or presentation type of software, I have my program set up to store information on my hard drive and in the cloud at the same time. I set up my tablet and cell phone to use the programs I use in advance so that if something happens to one device, I am able to immediately begin work on another device.

While it is not my dream to write this article on my tablet instead of my laptop, I did it. If you are not using a belt and suspenders approach with your computer and data, start now. Back up your computer to CD, DVD, or SD card once per week. Pick a cloud-based storage device and install it on your computer. When you save your files as you work, be sure to set things up so that you save them to your computer and the cloud at the same time.
If you want to be really belt and suspenders safe, use two cloud-based storage programs on your computer. Be proactive in protecting your data, contacts, and photographs. To throw in another cliché, prepare for war in a time of peace. Protect yourself while everything is going well so that when there is a problem, loss or breakage you can keep moving along without aggravation, fear, or extreme discomfort.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to use technology to protect your information before you lose it. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, are you going to take the time now to protect your information or recreate it after it is lost?

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