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Technology Can Be Fun – Embrace It

Technology can be fun, actual fun. Stop running away from your screens and start using your technology to have fun. You will be happier and more productive at work and home if you do. So grab a gadget and take a few moments to enjoy technology and life.

Take time during the workday to enjoy life by embracing your technology.


Most entrepreneurs have to use computers for work. In fact, some entrepreneurs are so tied to computers tablets, and smartphones that they do not realize these devices can do anything other than work-related tasks. Jobs ranging from a medical doctor to a cashier at a fast-food restaurant all use some type of computer technology for work. It cannot be avoided.

While computers are almost indispensable for work it is important to realize that computer technology can be a lot of fun also. It is important to remember this not only at home but during the workday as well. Often entrepreneurs are called upon to work long hours day after day after day. If this is the case for you and the work you do, start looking for ways to use your technology for fun at work.

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Recently I discovered the Pomodoro method. It is a way of organizing your day so that you work in a concentrated, careful way. Typically using the Pomodoro method you work for a period – usually 25 minutes and then take a break – usually 5 minutes. After four 25 minute work periods have been completed, there is a 15-minute break. This method works well for many people because it allows them to do one thing, and only one thing during each work period. The 25 minute work periods are long enough to complete or put in significant work on tasks but not so long as to allow one’s mind to wander. The five-minute break periods give sufficient time to stretch, take a bathroom break, grab a cup of coffee and get back to work.

If you learn ways to use your technology for fun, those 5 minute break periods are a way to have a little fun before getting back to work. During a 5 minute break, you can play a game you have downloaded. You can read a magazine. You can surf the net for social media interaction or even watch quick videos or listen to your favorite podcasts. Photo apps, video apps, voice recording apps, and many others are a way to have a bit of quick fun and then get back to the work at hand. It is important to get away from work for a few minutes at a time throughout the workday in order to be able to work with vigor, attention, interest and produce good results.

During your off time, enjoy technology with your family.


Technology is real and it is here to stay. Most of us cannot avoid technology even during our off time. At the same time, it is a reality that you don’t have to avoid technology and screens in order to spend quality time with your family. For example, everyone loves to complain about GPS and bemoan the rarity of paper maps. If you would like your children to be able to read maps and understand their importance, you can use the map app on your smartphone or tablet to create an excellent adventure game for the family.

Have your child pick a location within walking distance of your home and select it on your device’s map program. Then let your child either hold the device or be in charge of showing the family how to walk to the destination. It is a fun way to teach your children that north and south are directions and are not actually up in the air or down on the ground. They will learn which direction they must walk to go north, south, east, and west once they leave the house. Being able to read and understand compass directions and then follow them is an important life skill.

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Another way to use technology is to allow your children to text family members using Skype. Children can get free Skype accounts and practice writing by sending text messages to family members. Parents can set up the accounts so that the children can only send and receive messages from parents and siblings. Believe it or not, the children will like being able to talk with their parents from all over the house without having to yell. Don’t be surprised when they text you with snack requests from their bedrooms instead of yelling down to you in the living room.

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Of course, watching movies on a smartphone or tablet is a great way to bond with a spouse or child. The smaller screens mean people have to get closer to each other. There is nothing like sitting inches from one another and enjoying a movie together to create a bonding experience.

Don’t hate screens and technology. They do not have to be dangerous, boring, or work-related. Technology can be fun and that is something that should be celebrated and appreciated. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what is the last fun thing you did with your technology?