• Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

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Why Use Technology When It Fails

Use technology because even when it fails, you can use backups from the cloud and keep life moving. When you lose your paper planner, you are truly lost.

African American woman with a tablet pc and the words "Why Use Technology When It Fails"

It is terrific to have technology that helps us keep our lives in order. Recently, for no reason at all, through no fault of my own, the hard drive on my laptop computer decided to stop working. I had to send my computer back to the manufacturer for service. That computer was used for everything – to write this online magazine, run my calendar, keep track of business matters and keep up with my children. I am proud that when the hard drive died, I remained calm and did not cry. I was okay because I had backups in the cloud, on CD, SD card, and flash drives.

I am a technology nut. I mean I really enjoy having a bunch of pieces of technology to play with. Technology organizes my life. In the distant past, I got catalogs from the Franklin Covey company and would drool over accessories, extra organizing forms, and new calendar sheets. Near the end of each year, I would skip over to the Franklin Covey store at an area mall and pick out a whole new everything.

It was pure joy. Then I would meticulously use the day planner to plan out my year. Each day I would get a huge amount of satisfaction by crossing off some tasks and moving others to another day. It was wonderful. Until the day I could not find the day planner on my way out of the house to go to court.

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I was on my way to meet a client at bankruptcy court and I could not find my day planner. I tore the house apart but could not find it anywhere. I was so upset! My calendar for the year, my notes about meetings, all my phone numbers were in that book. I made pocketbook decisions based on what could hold my day planner.  The day I lost that day planner and had to go off to work without it I knew I had to find something else.


For me, the something else was an electronic PDA that could fit in my pocket and sync up with my computer. That way even if the PDA  got lost, all my info was on the computer, it was not gone forever.

To me, people who refuse to use technology to organize their lives and stick only to the pen and paper stuff are like people who won’t use a microwave, a computer, or electricity. Those are cute ideas in the abstract, but really keep you out of touch with the modern world.

Technology dies, this is true. But, pens run out of ink, pencil points break, and day planners get lost in your children’s toy boxes for three weeks without your knowledge. All these things are facts of life. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what technology do you use to keep your life running smoothly?