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Technology Tip – Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer


Your smartphone can be an organizational wonder!

Your smartphone is a personal organizer use it to keep your life in order. Today, most busy people carry a smartphone with them at all times. Often the phone is with its owners more than anything else the person owns. For this reason, it makes sense to use the phone as a personal organizer as much as possible.

Once upon a time, I carried a paper planner book. I enjoyed picking out new organizer pages each year. Even the act of moving appointments and tasks from one organizer page to another made me feel important, special, and on top of my game. As the years have gone by, technology has made many tasks, including organizing one’s life easier to manage.

The smartphone in action.
Today, I use my smartphone as my personal organizer. The small size, tremendous computing power, and the ease of use make it a no-brainer for a personal organizer. I do the following on my phone:
  • keep personal calendars for myself and five family members
  • keep business calendars for 5 different business ventures
  • manage the editorial calendar  for my blog
  • draft letters and agreements for clients
  • keep track of income and expenses
  • manage strategic plans for all areas of my businesses
  • manage 5 different email accounts
  • distribute information on various social networks
  • keep up with the latest books
  • manage notes and memos for various projects
  • work on my e-book series, apps, and journals to be released to the public
Keep your real life in line when looking at your technology.
All the tasks and items listed above are important tasks that I do on a daily basis. I am a busy WAHM (work at home mom) and wife. On any given day I go from making breakfast for the family to walking children to the school bus stop, to a committee meeting at one of the local schools. Those things are followed by a networking meeting with colleagues all before 1 pm. For these tasks, I need a variety of information and resources at my disposal.
Using my smartphone as a personal organizer means I always have the information and resources I need at my disposal. I do not take my laptop to the bus stop or the school committee meeting, but I will have my smartphone. At the playground if I need to add a play date for the children to my calendar, I will always have the smartphone in one of my pockets.
Your phone is called a smartphone for a reason, use it to organize, maintain and run your life.
Advantage of electronic organizers over paper ones.
When you use your smartphone as a personal organizer it is easy to have alarms go off to remind you of what you need to do. A smartphone can wake you up for Bible study. Use it to remind you to dress for the speech you must give to the school district. Allow it alert you to pick it up to get the supplies for the next day’s networking lunch. The paper planner will not do any of those things.
Another wonderful thing about the smartphone is that your information can be backed up to the cloud. This means if it is lost or broken, access to all your information and plans from the cloud in mere moments without losing a step. If your paper planner, calendar, or list of sticky notes is lost, damaged by a spill, or left at home you are in quite a pickle. While I adore paper, I adore getting organized and staying organized. It thrills me to have multitudes of information at my fingertips.

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Combine your love of writing with your electronic device.
You may be in love with your paper organizer or with the idea of physically writing things down. I appreciate that nostalgia. As a woman who has always liked the look, feel and smell of paper, I truly understand. At the same time, just as we went from telegraph to fax to text, we must move forward with technology. Keep in mind, instead of using a virtual keyboard you can get apps that allow you to “write” on your smartphone so you can continue to enjoy the tactile sensation of writing things down and crossing items off your to-do list.
It is terrific to use your phone as a personal organizer and keep your life in order.  So, the question for you this terrific day is, how do you use your phone to keep your life in order?


3 thoughts on “Technology Tip – Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer”
  1. I have always used a paper planner. I feel a bit intimidated by the smart phone!! Change can be difficult. I think I can start with baby steps… maybe appointments first!!

  2. I have always used a paper planner. I may slowly decide to let my phone do some of the work for me. Technology is awesome, but I am more of a paper and pencil person.

  3. So which smartphone app can I get to do all this please? Have Note 10 but use paper planner for Bill’s, medical, passwords, personal history. Any help word be appreciated would love to be able to put on phone and not have to carry planner

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