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Take Action Now and Get Physical With It



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It is magnificent to take action now and sometimes that means getting physical. To take action now means to get up and be about the business of doing what needs to be done. Often when people think about doing things, getting things done they only consider the mental effort involved. This is a mistake. A crucial part of getting things done is getting physical with it. The following story is my classic example of what it means to take action now.

There are five birds sitting on a telephone wire when half of them decide to fly off to Florida. So, how many birds are left on the telephone wire. The answer is five. Why? Because deciding to do something is not the same as deciding to get up and take action now.

One thing that should immediately get your attention about this story is that things did not change because the birds did not get physical with it. If the birds had actually done something, if they had actually gotten physical, then the answer to the question would have been three and not five. Thinking, planning and plotting are an important part of the decision to take action now. However, they are not the only step. You must get physical in order to take action now.


Right now, look at your life and pick an area where you need to take action now. Do you need to update a resume? Is it time for spring cleaning your business operations? Do you need to up your customer service program? If you are a SAHM, do you need to do a menu plan or pick out a summer camp for your kids? No matter which of these things you need to do, in order to take action now, you must get physical with it. No matter whether it is typing up a report, drafting a plan or making a telephone call, when you take action now, you get physical. You move, you get up and go.

In fact, when you actually look at the mater realistically and rationally, in order to take action now, you must get physical. All the thinking and planning that happens before you take action now is nice, but it is not the completion of take action now. For most things that we do, in order to take action now, to really take action now, you have to get physical.


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In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and realize sometimes that means getting physical. So, the question for you this magnificent day is how are you going to get physical and take action now?

95 thoughts on “Take Action Now and Get Physical With It”
  1. Thanks janeane. I know that there are several things that I have decided to do but have not actually done something to move the decision forward. Your image of the birds makes so much sense. TAN

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Your posts are always so inspiring. I often get stuck and don’t take the action I need to.

  3. holy smokes can i relate. I do this a lot. Decide but not act. Been trying harder for the past few months to actually do instead of just decide.

  4. I needed this today. Sometimes the best intentions lead nowhere because I don’t get off my behind and actually DO something. Thanks.

  5. That is so very true. I used to always procrastinate whenever I wanted to do something. Now I just do it before I talk myself out of it.

  6. Go TAN with it, then stop back by and let me know how things work out for you.

  7. Yes, don’t worry about how long the list is, just work on getting things done one at a time.

  8. That is an important action! Over the past two months I have learned what a big difference a real good night of sleep can make.

  9. Good for you, your physical action can be typing up that resume. Come back and let me know when you get it done.

  10. I am glad and honored you like it when you visit my blog. It means more to me than you know.

  11. Stop back by and let me know how your projects work out once you take action now on them.

  12. Goopd for you. I am glad you found something that helps you get things done.

  13. It is hard to get your strength back after childbirth. Be sure to take your time and don’t injure yourself.

  14. I am glad you are getting this done. Tackle that huge project – be encouraged and know you can do it!

  15. A 70 day trip, wow that sounds so exciting. Please stop back when you return and share some of your adventures! And in the meantime, yes, get moving!

  16. Good for you. Getting in shape is on of the things I am getting physical about as well.

  17. If you ever find a way to get another of you to get things done, please share your secret with this mama of 4 blessings.

  18. True. We tend to get lethargic when things get comfortable in life!

  19. thanks for the motivation- sometimes I put off things that I need to do now- take action. Thanks I’m going to go take action o a few things before going to bed.

  20. I find I often plan to do something, put it off for later, and then time flies and I’ve missed the boat. I certainly need to take your advice and start taking action when the thought occurs.

  21. I could use some motivation right now. I have spring fever and I just want to do fun things outside! lol

  22. We are moving soon so this definitely motivates me to not wait around to get things done.

  23. great quote!! One of my goals is to be more consistent and do things with more purpose rather than just going through the motions!

  24. I really do need to update my resume. I have it out with other resume examples but I can’t seem to find time to sit down and edit it. Hopefully this weekend I can get on that.

  25. I do need an updated resume. I guess Spring Cleaning could entail a lot more than cleaning. 🙂

  26. I absolutely agree! The analogy that you used with the birds on the wire really drives the point home. There are many projects on my to-do list that I’ve just been staring at (for months!) Thanks for the inspiration to put things into action.

  27. I am always adding things to my to list without ever really finishing anything on it! I need to really take action to achieve my dreams.

  28. I am working hard at getting organized and getting up and moving! This is good advice.

  29. I’m a procrastinator…big time. I tend to steer away from things that I KNOW I need to do. Especially with blogging. I have really been working on that!

  30. This is great! Sometime it’s too tough to get physical…and I need to overcome this!

  31. I love that you are so inspirational. I love the take action now in all aspects of your life. Good read thank you

  32. I am a real big fan of acting now! I found that I used to procrastinate like crazy. I had to move to a place of “just do it!”

  33. I really need to do some behind the scenes work on my blog! I need to TAN!

  34. I have some blogging to take action on. I’m going out of town for 6 days. I have a lot to do before then.

  35. A positive attitude and the willingness to keep at it are always good! – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  36. For some people all they need to hear is words like this to be motivated.

  37. I agree with the previous poster. I need to work on getting to bed on time and getting a better nights rest.

  38. This is so great because I totally need to update my resume. I keep putting it off but I need to just get started and finish it!

  39. It is always nice to come visit your blog because of its motivational and inspirational post. It sure is true to take action now and by means physical do it. And not just thinking about it, but doing it as well to achieve whatever it is we planned. Thank you so much!

  40. What a wonderful reminder! I am so very good at deciding to do things, then not doing them. I like your quote, it’s very motivational!

  41. You have totally motivated me to get my evening runs in this week! Thanks so much

  42. I really like the “take action now” mentality. It’s so true that there’s no better time than now to get started on a goal or dream. I’ve got several things in mind I could be working on.

  43. I have really started to focus on my workouts and developed a goal which has made me feel better overall. I think that itself is a good start 🙂

  44. I have been getting physical a lot more than usual lately. I have been getting up early everyday and starting my days off before noon. This gives me so much time to be hands on and get what I need to get done.

  45. I’ve been getting physical in work and fitness. Starting an online boot camp has gotten me up and active so I can meet my goals!

  46. That’s why I love the Nike saying, “Just Do It.” Don’t think about it while sitting down, get up and take action and go forward in your life!

  47. I am getting my strength back after giving birth. I find myself getting a lot of things done and there are more to get done. I also have to stop procrastinate.

  48. Believe it or not, I am getting a lot of things done. My next huge project is getting the garage cleaned out and organized.

  49. I know the hardest part a lot of times is just getting started. We leave on a 70 day trip in just 17 days and there is so much that I know need to be done before we go, but I need to get going and do it. Thanks for the advice and motivation.

  50. We started to spring clean this weekend.. we just touched the surface.

  51. I finally cleaned out the closets and donated a bunch of things we weren’t using.

  52. I am taking physical to the truest meaning of the word! my cousin is a trainer and body builder. I’m hiring her to help me get into shape. No more just talking about it.

  53. yes just wish there was 2 of me so I could get things done! Thank you for the encouragement!

  54. I’m going to finally clean out the pile of “donate” stuff in the corner of my bedroom.

  55. Great advice.I need to do a media cleanup and have been putting it off a while.

  56. These are some great tips! I do have a great deal that I need to get moving on getting accomplished…

  57. Yep, sometimes you just have to get up and get things done. 🙂

  58. This is kind of like a kick in the pants for me. I needed that!

  59. As I’m reading this post, I’m thinking that I do need a spring cleaning my business operations.

  60. The bird story is so great! I really need to start getting physical.

  61. The bird story is perfect! I am a big believer in the Nike slogan, “Just do it!”

  62. OMGosh I LOVE the bird story! It’s so true too. I must ‘decide’ to do something a million times a day. Not the same is physically doing it though 🙂

  63. I’m taking a couple small things I’ve been putting off each day, and getting them done.

  64. Just got back from a quick 1/2 mile jog that you inspired. Thanks again and my Grandma’s dog “Bob” thanks you too!

  65. I missed my daily walk today but there are about 30 mins of daylight left. I am literally now going to take the dog out for a quick walk just because I read this. Thank you for the kick in the pants I needed!

  66. Great motivation! I honestly need to take your advice and get up and do it!

  67. I need to TAN and finish up my food site so that I can finally have a space for all things food.

  68. Great tips. I am such a planner sometimes I just need to get up and do it.

  69. simply saying aside from planning, we should work for it too in order to accomplished the things we want to reach.

  70. I am such a procrastinator. I really need to stop making lists and start doing what’s on the lists!

  71. So true. All the great intentions in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t take the steps to make them a reality. Sometimes the action is the hardest part. – Katy

  72. Getting up to do something is not always easy, but sometimes you just have to get up and do it!

  73. I’m bad with the physical part – always know what I need to do, but deciding to actually get up and do it is a different story.

  74. I am good at making lists (very long lists), but not always so good at getting physical and getting things done! I will take your message seriously and get moving!

  75. Great article I was in need of something likes this to get inspired and start my nursery planning!!!

  76. oh you are so right!! usually decisions are hard to carry on, but no time like the present to get on them!

  77. Man, I needed to read this message this morning. I have made several decisions over the past few weeks, but you’re right…nothing has changed because I haven’t moved. Taking action NOW.

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