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5 Ideas for Great Service Which Leads To Great Customers

It is magnificent to learn great customer service leads to great and loyal customers no matter what the business. When people think of customer service often they think of the section of the department store where one goes to return broken appliances or unwanted holiday gifts. That is part of customer service, but not all of it. Customer service means the interaction you have with customers when they buy your products, read your blog, seek your medical advice or ask for your legal opinion. Customer service consists of each and every interaction a business owner has with a customer or potential customer.





When customers are shown the appropriate amount of appreciation and the right kind of appreciation they are well, appreciative.  There are five hallmarks of great customer service:

1.     Answer Phone – don’t make your customers wait, answer the phone on the first ring. When calls are answered quickly, it shows customers that you are grateful for their business and will be responsive to their requests.

2.     Return Calls – return calls from your customers in a timely manner, 24 hours or less unless the call is received over the weekend or on a major holiday. Customers understand that sometimes calls cannot be answered, but they do not understand when calls are not returned in a timely manner.

3.     Answer Emails – answer emails from customers or readers in a timely manner, think of them telephone calls and respond accordingly. In today’s electronic society, more and more communication takes place by email and customers increasingly email companies.

4.     Solve the Problem – do not put customers off, do something to actually solve their problems. It is tempting to put customers off or to try to trick them, but it is better to actually solve the problem.

5.     Under Promise and Over Deliver – when it comes to giving your word to customers, always under promise and over deliver After all, customers are happy when you deliver more than promised or faster than promised.

It is important for you to do whatever you can to show your customers, readers, clients and patients good customer service.  When customers know that you appreciate them and care for them, they are more likely to remain loyal and to refer others to you. Take time today to put these customer service tips into practice in your business.

In conclusion, it  is magnificent to learn great customer service leads to great customers no matter what the business. So, the question for you this magnificent day is what can you do today to kick up your customer service so that you can build loyal customers?

8 thoughts on “5 Ideas for Great Service Which Leads To Great Customers”
  1. These are great ideas. I love the returning emails and calls within 24 hours. Nothing is more irritating than waiting a week for a return call, then the person calls wants to know what you called about. Um, it was on the voicemail 9 times out of ten!

  2. Great advice and I think quite a few people need to read this. I have worked in customer care and it is rough. But being kind and showing you care really helps the days go smoother for sure!

  3. I always say that great customer service will create word of mouth about you and that is THE BEST kind to have. Referrals are such a vital part to a business! If it is bad customer service, trust that the word will get out which will mean a bigger loss than you can afford to take!

  4. Problem solving is the BIG one for me. Even if the customer service rep ultimately isn’t able to, if I feel like they are really on my side and TRYING, I feel so much more confident that they care about everything else. great post (as always!)

  5. Great customer service really does make all the difference.

  6. Customer service is extremely important. Sometimes, I will spend the extra money because I know my dollars will be appreciated and valued with customer service. And I am one who will leave a compliment when I receive it.

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