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Take Action Now – It’s Your Dream – Make It Happen



take action now www.janeanesworld.com

It is magnificent to take action now and realize it is your dream and you can make it happen. One of my favorite and best things to do is TAN. What is TAN? TAN means to Take Action Now, to start doing what needs to be done. When you take action now you leave the world of “what if” and enter the world of “yes, I am doing this.” The world is full of reasons to sit back and wait, to put off until tomorrow. That is a fact everyone seems to know very well. The world is full of excuses. You know, the excuses that keep you from accomplishing your dreams:

  • There’s not enough time
  • There’s not enough money
  • I don’t have enough education
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • There are other things more important now

All those things may be true, but none of them really matter. If you don’t have enough time, rearrange your schedule. If you don’t have enough money, get a second job, adjust your budget or re-vamp your plans to do things on a smaller set of funds. If you don’t have enough education, go back to school, go on the internet or go to an old-fashioned library. If you don’t have enough experience, go start working somewhere or go volunteer somewhere. If other things are more important adjust your priorities, enlist some help change your plans. There really is no excuse. If you want to make your dreams come true, take action now and make it happen.


take action now www.janeanesworld.com
Take Action Now – your dreams are on the other side of this tunnel.


At the same time, your world can be full of reasons to forget the excuses and to make your dreams come true. A wise person (I think Jesse Jackson) once said, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” In other words, if you have the ability to come up with an idea, to think of something, to make a plan, all you need to do is believe the plan and you can make it happen. There is no excuse in the world that can overcome your determined mind. Get up, go for it, take action now!

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and realize it is your dream and you can make it happen. So, the question for you this magnificent day is what dream are you going to take action now to make come true?


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50 thoughts on “Take Action Now – It’s Your Dream – Make It Happen”
  1. Taking action on an idea is key. It is nice to have supportive people around you for success too.

  2. It feels awesome every time I take action toward my dreams. In that moment I don’t feel like they are too big or impossible, just that they will be realized. TAN needs to be my motto.

  3. So true! Action is the only way to make progress! Such great reminders here!

  4. Very true! I love the book suggestions too!

  5. Love this! Such a great reminder to get up and make things happen!

  6. So, so true! I’m trying to make it happen now!

  7. So true! Nothing happens if we don’t act to make it happen.

  8. I agree entirely! When your passion is combined with belief and self-determination… goals are much more attainable πŸ™‚

  9. I love this! This is soo very true. I always say the only thing stopping you is YOU! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. I really needed this. I get overwhelmed and frustrated easily. I also feel like I never have time to do anything but PARENT….

  11. I get overwhelmed easily. This is a great reminder, thanks!

  12. It really is all about seeing past those perceived obstacles. They’re just not always real!

  13. I agree, I’m the type of person who thinks we can always be working toward a goal in one way or another.

  14. taking action is never my problem. It’s once I have taken it….what next

  15. Some days are easier than others for me with this. It’s the days where you wake up tired….those are the ones where it is hard to stay ahead.

  16. I really need to take action and stop making up excuses to my self thanks!!

  17. It’s so easy to make excuses. Thanks for the motivation today.

  18. Great and inspiring post – I am living my dream – a mom who gets to stay home with my kids may sound boring but it’s my dream! πŸ™‚

  19. I love this! I am always making excuses what I can’t or should not follow my dreams. I am working real hard on fixing this.

  20. There are always a million reasons why we can’t do something. I like to try anyway – you never know what you might be able to accomplish!

  21. This is such a great reminder. Something I need daily.

  22. Today- I will take action for my relationship with my hubby! We are heading out of town soon to have some time without the kiddos!

  23. This is sooo true! I’ve always believed the phrase “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”.

  24. Your posts are always so inspiring. I need to focus more on TAN too!

  25. This is a great reminder. You can always find an excuse.

  26. why did you have to list out all my excuses?!? okay….taking action!

  27. I agree 1000%. I say, Just Do It, and it means the same thing. I try so hard to no longer be one of those that sit and talk endlessly, I try to make sure I also take action!

  28. YES! Determination is so powerful!

  29. I love today’s quote! Your posts are always so inspiring.

  30. Mind over matter. That’s what I have to tell myself when I’m lifting weights. Keep going!

  31. This is so very true. When we make excuses, nothing gets accomplished!

  32. We can all be full of excuses. I would prefer to just get things done now. Thanks for the reminder!

  33. I love reading your posts. You’re such an inspiration. Thanks.

  34. You can always, always find an excuse or a reason not to do something. And, it’s a lot harder to do it, but I always feel better when I do!

  35. I always love your posts! Today I took action! While I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, I did something for me. Feeling good!

  36. I agree if you want something… the possibilities are endless.

  37. You’re always here with motivation that’s just what I needed. Thank you for that!

  38. Excellent post, as always! I needed this today as I continue to explore options to increase my work at home income to what it would be if I had a regular job.

  39. I think a lot of people make excuses as to why they can’t do something, but if you want something bad enough -you make it happen!

  40. 68 days ago I put this exact sentiment to work for me. I decided I was going to finally get healthy! I lost 40 pounds so far and feel better than ever!

  41. Time is a tricky one. Anything new takes time, but there are ways to make time too.

  42. Everyone makes so many excuse as to why they should not do something but really there is no reason.If you think you can do something then you can.

  43. I really like the quote β€œIf my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” So true…sometimes I have to remind myself that yes it is possible!

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