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Miracle Morning – You Have to Start Somewhere

Even on a miracle morning, you must realize that you have to start somewhere. Most of us don’t begin where we want to end up.

In business, just like with your Miracle Morning, if you are going to start, you have to start from where you are.

African American Woman with graphs and the words "You Have to Start Somewhere"

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Today’s miracle morning reminded me that each day all across the world, there are people who want to become entrepreneurs. There are entrepreneurs who want to do something different with their businesses. Both these groups of people have something in common. They must start. You may ask where is the best place for them to start. the answer is, from where they are.

This morning as I set out to do the exercise portion of my Miracle Morning routine, I saw the set of steps in the picture above. They drew my attention. It is not possible to go from my bedroom to my front door without passing a flight of steps. I cannot leave my house without going down the steps. When I come home, I cannot get into the house without going up a flight of steps.

Steps are a literal reminder that we must start. It reminds me of the saying that nothing works unless you do. The person who wants to become an entrepreneur must start. Entrepreneurs who want to do something new must start. The best place to start is from where you are. Don’t wait for Oneday or Someday. Instead, start today.

Often when I close my mind and think of a flight of steps, I think of a flight of spiral stairs. In my mind, they are four feet wide, made of white marble, with navy-blue threads. These steps are beautiful. I can sit on them. They are great for leaning back and reading a book because there are big comfy pillows on each side of the steps. Of course, they take me up and down from one place to another. However, these steps don’t actually exist. they are all in my mind. If I wait for these perfect steps to get started on anything, I would never get anything done.

For a great morning, start where you are.

Instead, I have to start where I am. I have to start on the steps I have. At my house, I have a standard set of wooden steps that connect each of the three floors. My front steps look remarkably similar to the steps in the photo above. In other words, just like everyone else, I have to start where I am.

As you start your day, you are full of dreams and plans. Don’t wait, start them, make things happen. Keep in mind, you can start without putting everything else off to the side for some new project. I come across great ideas and plans all the time. But, I am already in the middle of another group of plans. So, I add the new things to my to-do list. I don’t simply add them to the bottom of a long list. I put them in my calendar.

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So the new ideas will get done, not Oneday or Someday. I select actual days on the calendar for things to be done. This is also a way to start. It is starting with a plan. It is starting with a concrete date in mind. Today’s Miracle Morning lesson is: start from where you are to get where you want to be.

*** What the Miracle Morning means in my world.***
In business, just like with your Miracle Morning, if you are going to start, you have to start from where you are.

Recently, I decided to start a Miracle Morning routine. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it involves getting up a little earlier in the day. The day starts with you doing SAVERS. To translate that into English, it means:



In my world, I start with spirituality – I read my Bible and pray. Next, I read or write affirmations. I do a lot of work dealing with creating confidence so I read my creating confidence affirmations or spend time creating 1 or 2 more. For visualization, I spend time picturing what will make the day successful. The exercise involves me taking a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. After my walk, I read. I created a reading list for the mornings. This is a list of books, I want to read for pleasure, for enrichment, or because I need to read them. Finally, it is time to scribe or write. I have decided to turn the things I think about on my walks into blog articles for my scribe activity.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Miracle Morning series.


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