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Confidence Tip- Start Your Day with Affirmations

confidence tip start your day with affirmations

I believe everyone has all the confidence they need inside them and that you can create all the confidence you need before you get out of bed in the morning.

Today’s confidence tip is – Start your day with great affirmations.

Affirmations are short phrases or sentences that people use to encourage, inspire, and motivate themselves. The practice of repeating affirmations to oneself daily is a practice that has been around for many years. Affirmations work in part because they promote a positive attitude and make people feel as though they can achieve whatever they set their minds to do.

The best affirmations are short, to the point, and easy to remember. You can find books of affirmations everywhere. There are numerous articles written about the power of positive thought and affirmations. Spend time on a regular basis looking for affirmations that touch your heart and make your soul sing.

Years ago, I started affirmation practice with my oldest daughter. When she was a little girl, three or four years of age, I advised her to look in the mirror each day and to say to her reflection, “I am E. Davis and I love me.” I wanted her to grow up with the idea that she was loved and worthy of love. I wanted her to become accustomed to the notion that she was worthy of love. As she grew older I added more affirming statements for her to tell herself each day. Later, she dumped some of my affirmations as she collected her own.

Some affirmations to start your day.

Here are a few of the affirmations I use on a regular basis. Feel free to borrow them and make them part of your affirmation practice.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

You don’t get ready, you stay ready.

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The expression, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a popular one. I like it because it applies to things as well as thoughts and ideas. Think about it. Have you ever had an idea for a business or project you wanted to start and then had friends or family members crap all over your idea? If this has happened to you, then you have experienced the idea that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

If you have ever gone to a thrift store and seen something that was absolutely perfect for you. I mean the kind of thing that once you looked at it you said to yourself, “Wow, where has this been all my life?” I am talking about the kind of thing that made your heart sing. If you have had this experience, you have experienced the trash vs treasure phenomenon.

From now on, whenever anyone tries to tell you that your ideas, plans, or dreams are no good, remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This means that your ideas, your great and wonderful ideas, are going to sound like trash to some people and that is okay. They only have to be treasure to you. When you really and truly embrace this idea, what other people think of your ideas will not break your confidence. Instead, you will be able to stand strong and know that if you believe in yourself and your ideas the thoughts of others doesn’t matter.

You don’t get ready, you stay ready.

One reason that people do not have confidence is that they have not prepared in advance. A very easy way to create confidence is to be ready for what is coming up. In other words, don’t get ready, stay ready.

I watch a lot of prison shows on television. During one episode an inmate said that in order to stay alive and safe in prison, “you don’t get ready, you stay ready.” The idea was that a fight could break out at any time and that you always had to be ready. You had to stay ready because if you took the time to get ready, you may die.

The idea of being prepared for death by shanking in a prison yard is not something most of us have to worry about. However, we can learn from those inmates. Just as they stay ready for potential dangers, you need to stay ready to be confident in your world.

So when it comes to you creating the confidence you need to succeed, don’t get ready to do it, do it all the time. When you wake up in the morning, get dressed with confidence. If there is a project you need to do for work, don’t get ready to do it, do it. If you need to be strong and healthy, don’t get ready for it, work at it all the time. Create confidence by always working at what you want to do and be. Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready and prepare, Instead, stay ready for the things you want in life.

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

One thing that that is certain is that sometimes life is hard. When you recognize this and accept it as an unavoidable fact, it will make it easier for you to live life and maintain your confidence. If you think that things will always go your way and that trouble will never come your way if you do the right thing, when bad things happen you will be shaken. On the other hand, if you understand that sometimes bad things will happen no matter what you do, you can have a different outlook on life.

As a child, I read the Langston Hughes poem, “Mother to Son.” It had a line that stuck in my mind since then. The line is, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” The poem itself is the story of a mother telling her son that sometimes life is hard. She tells him that life is full of scary places, dangers, and trouble. She tells him that even with that being the case, he should never give up and should always keep moving.

Those words gave me hope and encouragement. I found comfort in the idea that life is not always perfect. I liked the vision of a mother walking up a flight of stairs that had carpet missing, boards missing, and splinters on the floor. It is not that I liked the idea of life being hard, I liked knowing that even though life is hard at times, we can still push forward, we can still make a life for ourselves.

Create confidence in your life by recognizing that sometimes life is hard. No matter what you do, difficulties will arise. Sometimes things will happen that knock you for a loop. Your confidence will take a hit. When that happens, remember that life is not always a crystal stair. Sometimes life is hard, very hard. But, that knowledge doesn’t have to destroy your confidence. If you remember this when bad things happen, you can maintain your confidence.

Always remember that creating confidence begins and ends in your mind so you can create all the confidence you need to succeed before you leave bed in the morning.

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18 thoughts on “Confidence Tip- Start Your Day with Affirmations”
  1. These affirmations are a great way to get the day of on a positive note. I can see how they would help confidence too

  2. I wanted to say thanks for the great confidence tip about starting the day with affirmations. It’s such a simple but powerful practice, and I can already feel the difference it’s making in my mindset.

  3. Starting the day with affirmations is such a simple yet powerful practice. It sets a positive tone for the day ahead, and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

  4. Loving the beauty and positivity in these simple yet complex messages and I love using these to start my day! They are the perfect and positive boost you need to get that brain thinking positively each morning and that I can appreciate 😉 Love it!

  5. This is a really great article, I really need to start doing this! It all start with having a positive mind

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  7. These are great mantras to say to myself every morning. I’m trying to be a more positive person especially in the mornings. I’m not a morning person.

  8. I love these mantras. I need to recite them on a daily basis. I’m working on being more positive.

  9. I love these mantras. I need to recite them on a daily basis. I’m working on being more positive.

  10. Starting your day with a positive attitude improves your health and well-being. Thank you so much for sharing

  11. It is good to start out your day with some positivity. We could all use more positive affirmations in our lives!

  12. It is good to start out your day with some positivity. We could all use more positive affirmations in our lives!

  13. Great post! Affirmations are vital to the soul and mind; I can remember my mom always saying the same affirmation you shared above: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s one of the affirmations I share all the time with my kids.

  14. Yes to this. I try to send my boys off to school with positive affirmations.

  15. I need to start doing this. I think it will help my day to improve in the long run.

  16. It’s important to place positive thoughts in the brain. We’re bombarded with negativity everyday in this world. We need to counter that with inspiring, forward-thinking bits of wisdom.

  17. Affirmation comes in many forms. Langston Hughes certainly is one. For me, losing a father, it was my mother who made me believe in myself…and
    my two aunts who had no children, so that when we were with them…wow, the wonderful and supportive attention. Life needs that. Thanks for your post.

  18. I love that you taught your daughter the benefits of affirmations at a young age! I started much later in life but believe they have been important in my growth as an adult.

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