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Check Out My Fave Apps for Work and Fun

Smartphones enable us to take fun and entertainment on the road.
Smartphones enable us to take fun and entertainment on the road.
Almost everyone has a Smartphone these days. An interesting thing about Smartphones is that they are used less and less as telephones and more and more for everything else they do. My Smartphone is full of apps that are productive and fun and have nothing at all to do with talking on the telephone.


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The following are the ones I use most:

1.      Bible – You Version – Bible reading plans

Each day I wake up and read the Bible to start my day centered and straight.

2.      Audible – Listen to audiobooks

I have spent countless hours listening to audiobooks for entertainment and learning new things.

3.      Netflix – watch movies, television shows and documentaries using your phone

This has kept my children entertained more than once on a car ride, long supermarket line or business meeting.


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Smartphones enable us to take fun and entertainment on the road.


4.      Twitter– stay up to date with your Twitter feed and followers

I have learned a few current events by checking my Twitter feed on the road.

5.      Facebook – no matter where you are, keep up-to-date with your friends and their status updates

I used this to keep my family and friends informed about things during a recent family tragedy.

6.      OneNote – keep all your writing, data and files at your fingertips

This program allows me to carry my business and personal plans and vision boards wherever I went.

7.      WordPress – write and read blog posts on the road, even keep up to date with comments and stats

I use this to keep my blog up and running even when away from my desk.

8.      Instagram – see the world in photos and share photos of your own with the world


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It is fun to interrupt the day to view cute photos and sayings from those in your Instagram circle.

Like many entrepreneurs and bloggers most of my Smartphone time is spent using these applications rather than talking on the phone. If you have not fully embraced all the features and programs that are available on your Smartphone, take today to try some of these apps or be adventuresome and pick up a few of your own. All the apps listed here are available free of charge so there is no risk to try them out.


Smartphones enable us to take fun and entertainment on the road.



In conclusion, it is terrific to know that Smartphones enable us to take fun and entertainment on the road. So, the question for you this terrific day is what are your favorite entertainment applications for your Smartphone?

10 thoughts on “Check Out My Fave Apps for Work and Fun”
  1. Looks like these great blog post. most of these apps are useful. thanks for sharing this.

  2. Those are all great apps. My favorites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest that I use everyday.

  3. My kids use their phones all the time, but I prefer my laptop for anything work related. (Of course, I’m old!)

  4. I didn’t realize I could write blog posts from my phone. I always bring along my laptop so I can work from there.

  5. Phone apps make things so helpful! I use the YouVersion app with friends, so we can read through the Bible together!

  6. I use a lot of these on a daily basis. I need my entertainment while I work.

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