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“Spy Games” – A Movie Full of Great Lessons

It is sensational when you can watch a movie like “Spy Games” and learn some great lessons that help you personally and professionally.

African American woman looking through blinds and the words "Spy Games A Movie Full of Great Lessons"

For the past few weeks, I shared lessons I learned from some of my favorite movies. By sharing my favorite movies, I will be sharing with you a little about me and the way I think. Perhaps you can spend this time exploring yourself and how you think and maybe even learn something new.

One of my favorite spy, adventure, brotherly love movies of all time is “Spy Game.” To make the long story short, it is a movie about a mentor/mentee relationship between two spies over the course of two decades.  It is also reminiscent of the old bull young bull joke. The joke is worth repeating, so here it is. An old bull and a young bull were looking out across a field of cows. The young bull said, “Hey let’s run down there and get intimate with one of the cows.” The old bull said, “No, let’s walk down there and get intimate with them all.” That story is about the wisdom people get as the get older and experience more of what lie has to offer.

The movie “Spy Game has some great lessons.

This movie, which I fell for after the birth of my son, has a special place in my heart. I sat in my office and watched this movie on my computer 10 hours a day while I worked and nursed my son. My husband and teenie bopper got so sick of the movie, they threatened to break the DVD in half more than a dozen times. In the movie, the old spy teaches the young spy the rules of the spy game.

Halfway through the movie, the young spy needs to be rescued and we watch the old spy save the day. The old spy is so smooth, so slick, and just oozing swagger it is incredible. He is able to master facts, situations and make chess moves with incredible and admirable speed. He always looked at the big picture and never let all the little details distract him. I love that movie. I learned some good life lessons as follows:

1.     Always keep the big picture in mind when looking at the little details
2.     Never leave a friend behind
3.     Pay attention to all the details, you will need them
4.     Watch the people around you, because some smile in your face while stabbing you in the back
5.     Never let them see you sweat

Spy Games” is one of my favorite movies of all time because of the two main characters. They loved each other in a father/son type of way, trusted each other, got mad at each other, and forgave each other. It was a great movie because it highlighted love, intelligence, loyalty, and confidence. So, the question for you this Sensational Saturday is what lesson did you learn from your favorite movie?

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