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Unexpected Kindness At the State Fair

I saw my husband do an unexpected kindness for someone at a state fair and it is one of my favorite memories. Unexpected kindness is a treat for the recipient and for those who get to witness it.

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For the past several weeks, I have celebrated unexpected kindnesses I have been blessed to receive. I invite you to both celebrate unexpected kindnesses and to provide unexpected kindnesses to others. In this article, I am sharing with you an unexpected act of kindness I witnessed my husband perform at a state fair many years ago.

Before my Simmie was on the way, my husband Darren and I went to the Pennsylvania State Fair. We looked at chickens, roosters. I laughed at a buffalo that growled at Darren. Later we looked at all the carnival games and rides. We saw a father and his young son. The son asked his father if they could go to the movies after the fair.

Witnessing someone you love do an unexpected kindness for another person is a wonderful thing.

The father tried to explain that they could not do both today. He said maybe next week they could go to the movies. It was obvious the father did not have the money to pay for the movie after treating his son to all the state fair activities. He was trying to explain the lack of money to his son in a different way.

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Without saying anything to me, Darren bent down on the ground, and pretended to pick up a twenty-dollar bill. When he stood up, he said to the father, “Excuse me, sir, I think you dropped this.” The man tried to explain that he did not. Darren insisted, that the man did drop the money and that he would hate for the man not to be able to take his son to the movies because he dropped it. The man finally took the money, thanked Darren, and went off with his son.

It was a beautiful thing. The little boy was going to get to see a movie. The father was able to save face and do something nice for his son. The father allowed someone to do something nice for him. I got a beautiful memory. While it is nice to do an unexpected kindness for someone else, it is also nice to witness an unexpected act of kindness. So, the question for you this serene day is what is your favorite memory of an unexpected act of kindness you witnessed?

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness At the State Fair”
  1. @ DjrealAt7, I think you memory does compare. A kind act is a kind act. I also enjoy it tremendously when someone holds the door for me. Whenever someone does something kind for me as a surprise, I am thrilled.

  2. This is a lovely memory to have, your husband is quite something! My memory, though this does not compare at all is when people hold open the door for me. It is something I am compelled to do and I don't feel enough people do it. I feel giddy when the someone does that for me, like they took the extra 30 second to wait and hold open the door 🙂

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