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Happy World Food Day – Using Food to Teach Gratitude

world food day

On World Food Day It is terrific to know solving hunger problems can help you solve life problems.

World Food Day

Today is World Food Day! That means it is a day set aside in order to make people aware of food challenges faced by people around the world.  Oxfam has created a GROW campaign to help people who actually care about hunger issues do something to help.

The lesson I learned from the Oxfam Grow campaign is that the lessons we learn about food and stopping hunger are lessons that should be applied to all areas of our lives. The great thing about Oxfam’s program is that is so simple and easy to understand I have taught it to my twins when they were just 5 years old and now they are keeping the rest of the family in line.

Let me share with you the words I used with my twins:

1.     Use good stuff to make food
2.     Be fair when you buy food
3.     Don’t waste energy when you cook
4.     Buy food in season
5.     Cut down on meat and dairy to have better air and save water

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By explaining the Oxfam Grow program like this, I was able to teach my twins a valuable lesson that they will be able to use all their lives. It is important to teach your children how to deal with hunger and food issues while they are young so that it can become part of their lives, something that they will eventually teach their own children.

World Food Day

The best thing to do when there has been a problem is to:

1.     admit there was is a problem
2.     figure out a solution to the problem
3.     implement the solution
4.     teach others to implement the solution

When it comes to food, remember “Garbage In/Garbage Out.”

The exciting thing about following the Oxfam Grow method is that not only will this method of living and eating make food better, more reliable, and easier to get, it will improve the planet and save natural resources. Another great thing about the Oxfam Grow method is that it teaches some great life lessons. When we teach our children to use good seeds, good dirt, and good water to make food, we teach them the computer adage, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

In other words, if we put good things into creating our food, we will get good food as a result. When we teach our children to pay a fair price to people who grow our food, we are teaching them that fair play is valuable and important. When we teach our children to be conservative with resources when cooking, we are teaching them that the earth is precious and should be protected. Teaching our children to buy food in season, we are teaching them that there is a time for everything and that some of the best things in life are worth the wait. When we teach our children to save water, we are teaching them that precious things should be respected and protected.

While you celebrate world food day, it is important to learn that tools we use to solve hunger problems can be used to solve all kinds of problems we face in life. So the question for you this terrific day is how do you plan to celebrate World Food Day?

2 thoughts on “Happy World Food Day – Using Food to Teach Gratitude”
  1. Shelda, I am glad you liked the article. I learned a lot by looking at the Oxfam website. While I will continue to eat meat and dairy, I like knowing that cutting back and switching out will help the world be better.

  2. Great tips! I didn't know that too much meat and dairy would affect our air and water. I'm glad I know now.

    I plan on celebrating this day by purchasing some whole food items.

    Thanks for sharing!

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