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Three Ways to Make Work Better

African American woman at a computer and the words "Three Ways to Make Work Better"

There are at least three ways to make work better. Once you start using these methods, you may find work to be more enjoyable or at least more tolerable. The best thing about these three methods is that they are all totally under your control.

African American woman at a computer and the words "Three Ways to Make Work Better"

It is wonderful to get a new attitude and do better at work. There are some people who work for the sheer joy of working just for the sake of working. There are other people who work because they need to earn money in order to care for their families. There are still others who work solely for personal fulfillment.

Additionally, there are people who work for all these reasons at once or for some other reason altogether. Work is sometimes a great joy. At other times, work is an unpleasant encumbrance.

No matter what the situation, there are a few things people who work should come to understand as early in their work lives as possible because they will make work better. The following are three ideas that once learned, will make work better:

1. All play and no work, makes Jill broke.
2. Misery loves company, but your employer’s name is not misery.
3. Attitude determines altitude.


All play and no work makes Jill broke.

If one of the reasons you work is because you need the money, you must come to understand this idea. After all, work is called work for a reason, employees are expected to work, to have a certain amount of seriousness and professionalism about the tasks they are paid to perform. A person who comes to work and continually plays around instead of working will soon come to find herself unemployed, out of work, and broke. It is important to keep in mind that you go to work in order to work, not to play.

Misery loves company, but your employer’s name is not misery.

Almost everyone has heard the expression, misery loves company. However, no one wants to be misery’s company. For most employees, the employer’s name is not misery. This means that sometimes, even if things are not going well, an employee should shut up and do her job without complaining about everything under the sun. Employers, even those who do not openly talk about employee morale are not interested in having employees on the payroll who make their co-workers miserable while at work.

Attitude determines altitude.

People like to be around people with a good attitude. When given a choice between keeping or promoting employees, employers invariably prefer to have employees who have a good attitude. A good attitude can be the difference between staying at the same position throughout one’s career and being promoted and paid increasing sums of money.


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Watch your attitude at work because a bad attitude can get you demoted or fired. A good attitude can keep you employed in the midst of company-wide layoffs or get you promoted to a higher position.

It is important to realize that how you do at work has to do with your attitude.  Your attitude, your decision to work at work instead of playing, your decision not to be miserable at work, and your recognition of the fact that your attitude helps determine how you will be treated in the workplace.


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In conclusion, it is wonderful to get a new attitude and do better at work. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what are you doing to get a better attitude at work.

38 thoughts on “Three Ways to Make Work Better”
  1. I really like the quote you used! It is definitely true that performance is impacted by attitude. I don’t know how many places I’ve worked where I enjoyed the actual job I was doing, but was miserable with the attitude of co-workers around me. Good or bad, attitude is contagious!

  2. I agree–attitude makes a big difference both in your performance and your environment. A bad attitude makes for an unhappy work place for all parties involved.

  3. Great article and so very true! Being positive at work not only makes YOU feel better, but everyone else around.

  4. This is hard especially if your naturally a negative person…but it’s very important to stay positive, and everything in life will feel better even if you dislike work. This is how I try to be!

  5. A positive mindset can make a huge difference in your career! I’ve had some difficult jobs before, but never anything that an attitude adjustment couldn’t fix 🙂

  6. It’s so true that your mindset directly affects you, your life and everyone around you. We ought to remember that more often!

  7. Attitude is everything and people are magnatized to people with good ones. While many people whine and complain and don’t do the work many others are sucking it up and doing the job.

  8. I think no matter the situation everyone should be grateful if they have a job because there are still people out there that lost their jobs back when the economy tanked back in 2009 that still don’t have jobs. I’m thankful that I can stay at home and work on my blog 🙂

  9. Since I work from home, I think I need better time management. I could be a workalcoholic if I wanted to be, but I do have a young family to take care of.

  10. That quote at the beginning is so true. Most people stear away as soon as they see misery. We ourselves decide what kind of friends and life we have, with our attitude.

  11. Great post! I too agree that having the right attitude is the key . So many people fall fast to negativity but when you set the tone right the moment you wake up you can avoid those situations.

  12. Attitude it certainly key to achieving your goals in and out of the workplace. I believe it all starts with attitude – it can make or break a person. Great tips, thank you for sharing!

  13. Sometimes work is all about attitude but then other times, there are serious problems at work. Thanks for reminding us to keep a good attitude though!

  14. I think having a positive attitude in and out of work is very important. No one wants to be around a complainer or someone that is always a Negative Nancy. If you go to work positive and happy, your day will be much much better.

  15. I started a new job in December and I still have yet to find one person I don’t really, really like! It’s an amazing feeling after working with a lot of cynical people for almost 15 years.

  16. like your work or not, at least you have a job. keep a positive attitude and be professional. always.

  17. It really is all about attitude! And if you’re all play and no work you really won’t have no money since you’ll probably be out of a job. 🙂

  18. Working in a job you dislike or with people you don’t get along with can be challenging – but I agree attitude goes a long way to making a job seem not so bad!

  19. Very true! I go through periods where I love work then I hate it. Love it hate it. When I get in the down ruts that’s usually when I take a step back to find the love again.

  20. While I find that attitude does play a big role. I also know how it is to work for a company that expects you to work off the clock, shut up, and treat the customers like complete crap for the sake of profits. No matter how positive an attitude is, there are very bad employers out there too. :/

  21. Attitude really does play such a large part in our lives – whether it’s at work, with friends or at home.

  22. Love this! Yes it’s all about attitude. Positive attitudes being positive results. Like momma always says “think positive!”

  23. Yes, it’s all about attitude! I really feel that people underestimate the value of a positive/good attitude! This is just as important at home as it is in the workplace.

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