• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Running a Business – Use Social Media

If you running a business, use social media. Your customers and their money are on social media. So go where they are and let them see who you are and what you do.

It is thrilling to look at new ways of running a business by using social media.


African American woman surrounded by social media symbols and the words "Running a Business - Use Social Media"


Business owners across the nation and across the world are thinking of ways to make this year better than last for their businesses. They are looking at all kinds of plans, schemes, and new fangled ideas. In their search for ways to increase revenue, business owners will pay almost any price for a plan to increase revenue. If you are one of the business owners looking for ways to increase revenue and to increase name recognition for your business, do not ignore one of the best free ways to reach your market of potential customers: social media.
Every business can open a Facebook account for free. Every business can open a Twitter account for free.  Every business can open a Pinterest account for free. Every business can open a Tumblr account for free.
Many old, established and successful businesses are reluctant to do marketing and outreach via social media. These businesses want to do what they have always done to succeed. While many of the old-established practices will continue to be successful long into the future. There is no reason to ignore some basic truths about today’s society. These basic facts include the following:
  • people are using the internet more each day
  • people are looking to social media to help form their opinions and make purchasing decisions
  • people are getting their news from the internet rather than traditional hard copy sources


Recently, I had a problem with my cell phone carrier. Customer service on the telephone was not helpful and left me feeling very dissatisfied. I went to social media and tweeted the company that I was dissatisfied with how the company handled matters after their recent policy change. I tweeted that customer service was horrific and I wanted to look for a new carrier. The company tweeted me back and offered to assist me with solving the problem. Instead of waiting days for a letter to be sent, I was helped in minutes due to the power of social media.


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Businesses must look toward the internet and social media sources in order to market their businesses. Keep in mind, it was not that long ago that Facebook was seen as “a cute little thing for the young folks.” It was not long ago that people wondered why in the world people would talk to each other via text messages rather than telephone calls. Social media is here, and it is here to stay. Do your business a favor and get involved in social media now.

Social media is something that businesses can get involved with for little or no money. This means there is no reason every business cannot have a social media presence. So, the question for you this thrilling day is what is the social media plan for your business?