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 Technology Can Set You Free

One of the best things about modern technology is that it can set you free.


Get your work done in your favorite location.


As a result of the global pandemic of Covid-19, people have become increasingly dependent upon technology. Instead of having to travel to office buildings, retail stores, and other locations, people are working at home. Meetings are no longer taking place in large conference rooms, but at living room tables, desks in hallways, and in home offices.  Video and internet technology make all this possible.


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Some people think this means that technology is keeping us in bondage. I encourage you to look at things in another way. Think about how free technology allows you to be. You no longer are stuck at an office in front of a computer all day long. Instead, you are able to do your work from anywhere.

If you have a sick child you must mind, take your laptop and spend the day working at her bedside. If you want to spend the day outside in the fresh air, grab the laptop and go outside. Work on a blanket in the backyard. Yes, you still have to work, but you are free to select the location where you will work. This is freedom.


Technology can set you free


Keep in mind that you can turn the technology off, just like you turn it on. This means you do not have to be connected to work 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Instead, when your workday is done, turn the connection to the office off and leave it off until the start of the next workday.


Take a look in a book, modern style.

Once upon a time, doing research meant spending the day in the basement of a library. You would be glued to a microfiche machine or wading through stacks of Dewey decimal catalog cards. Today, you can do that same research via the internet. You can view the entire library’s collection from your phone will sitting in your favorite chair with your feet up on an ottoman.


Use Your Technology to Have Fun


You no longer have to walk the aisles of the local university’s library looking for scholarly journals. Instead, get online using your favorite device and research the night away. There is no more need to be concerned about library hours. You don’t have to rush to get the research done before the library closes. Additionally, you can do screenshots of any useful information you find. You no longer have to hunt down spare nickels, dimes, and quarters for the copy machine. Technology gives you the freedom to do the research when you want and where you want and without worrying about costs.

Grab your groceries the easy way.


Technology can set you freeWhen it is time to get the groceries, why travel to the market, fight through small aisles with your shopping cart and stand in line forever. Wouldn’t you rather spend a few minutes browsing the online catalog and selecting everything you need with a few mouse clicks? Then have the groceries show up at your door when you are ready for them. This use of technology alone frees up hours of your time.

Enjoy your friends from the comfort of home.


Many people are missing their friends, but are concerned about traveling to visit due to Corona. No problem, pull out your phone and get social with it. Use one of the many video phone apps available and get visiting. Once upon a time, a few years ago, my husband worked out of town. Every night, at the end of our respective workdays we would chat via Skype.  One night, my eldest daughter thought her daddy had come home because she heard him snoring. Nope, he wasn’t home. We had both fallen asleep while on the Skype call.

Let today be the day you allow your technology to set yourself free. So, the question for you this terrific day is how do you allow your technology to set you free?


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  1. Technology really can set you free. Awesome piece.

  2. Some great tips here, I love taking my laptop outside and working in the yard on a beautiful day.

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