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Reading a Good Book Can Be Fun

Reading a good book can be fun. The secret is to find a topic that you love. When you find it, reading can be as much fun as any hobby.
It is sensational to learn that reading a good book can be fun! When you ask people what they do for fun you will get a variety of answers:
  • biking
  • knitting
  • playing an instrument
  • travel
  • kickboxing
  • skydiving
  • playing sports
  • reading a book

Those of you who are not bibliophiles aka book lovers may see reading on that list and say “Huh? How could you possibly think reading is fun?”

Reading can be fun. There are lots of people who would like to be readers, but they just cannot find a way to do it. I think the problem with those people is that they are picking the wrong things to read.
I am a reader. I like to read fiction and non-fiction, mysteries, humorous stories, sad stories, stories about war, stories about peace, good books, bad books, business books, religious books, and self-improvement books.
I like almost every type of book. I am different from most people. Many people who do not consider themselves to be readers have a favorite type of book, a type that they pick up and cannot put down. For example, a teenage girl who loves romance novels and secretly reads them each day will never consider herself a reader if she is forced to read Stephen Hawking’s dissertations on theories of the universe.

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If you want to start reading and to find the fun in it pick a book about a subject you like. If you are an X-box addict, read books about the X-box, games, and game players. These things will interest you and keep you turning the pages. We all have to read things we don’t want on occasion for work and for school. But if you are trying to find the fun in reading, start reading about subjects that interest you.
Once you are able to read a few pages at a time, on a subject you like, keep reading on a regular basis. As time passes, you will soon be able to read chapters in a sitting. Eventually, you will see the fun in reading and actually enjoy it.
It is sensational to learn that reading can be fun! So, the question for you on this sensational day is what topic do you think would be fun to read about?

One thought on “Reading a Good Book Can Be Fun”
  1. If you ever get a chance to read Janet Evonovich’s Eleven on Top it is very funny. It is just silly entertainment. If you learn anything reading that book,believe me it is an accident. I read it years ago and still read it sometimes just for a mindless laugh.

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