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Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner – A Great Road to Serenity

For me, serenity can be found in leftover Thanksgiving dinner. There is something about eating leftovers a day or so later that makes you feel serene and happy.

African American family at Thanksgiving dinner and the words "Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner A Great Road to Serenity"

Recently, I have been using this space to explore ways to find serenity in one hour or less. In this article, I am finding serenity in leftover Thanksgiving dinner. I am not the world’s best cook, at least not until Thanksgiving. I do not have time to write about all the meals that have left my family saying, “Do we have to eat this.”

Let’s just leave it at, there have been a few days where my chicken has been more a la pauper than a la king.  However, one meal per year I change this cycle. On Thanksgiving Day, I create something that makes my family want to stay at the table for hours go to sleep and then come back to the table.

 I make the BEST Thanksgiving dinner on the planet. I do the turkey, rice, vegetable, sweet potato pie, potato salad, stuffing, baked macaroni, candied sweet potatoes, scratch biscuits, cranberry sauce, and on and on. When I make my Thanksgiving dinner, it is so delicious, it is so beautiful, it is truly amazing that someone who cooks like I do the rest of the year, can make something so scrumptious.

When my family learns it is time to make Thanksgiving dinner, everyone gets excited and mouths start to water with anticipation. As I am cooking the meal, I keep getting little visitors who come in and want to taste just a little piece. As I set the table, the serving spoons are sometimes used to threaten little hands that want to snatch a little piece.  These reactions make the days of preparation worth it to me.

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By the time I actually eat Thanksgiving dinner, I am usually too tired and aggravated to eat and enjoy the meal. However, after the kids go to sleep and my husband is watching something on the internet and playing one of his computer games, I make a little plate of delicious. I get turkey, macaroni, sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, and some stuffing with a glass of sparkling cider. I curl up in my living room chair and say “aaahhhhhh.”

Like Thanksgiving, this little serenity treat comes only once per year. So my question for you this serene day is, do you have a once in a while secret to serenity?

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4 thoughts on “Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner – A Great Road to Serenity”
  1. I could use you and your sister as roommates! I am looking forward to the big meal though. I do make good cookies all year long though! If only I could get all 4 food groups in a chocolate chip cookie!

  2. I have not been able to read for hours at a time and disappear for such a long time. I am jealous. The next time you are reading, tack on a couple of extra minutes for those of us who don't get a chance anymore. We will love living vicariously through you.

  3. i love your writing style, you are so funny!
    i laughed aloud when you said your kids ask if they have to eat something. sometimes i feel that way after i cook! i don't know, but i always try to get super creative when i haven't even mastered the basics yet! when i was in college, my sister and i were roommates. we had a rule: i did the cleaning, she did the cooking. it worked great, but now i'm married and my sis isn't there anymore! but i still get her to cook for me..just this past monday she made chipotle at home and we ate off it for half a week! ha!
    so yea, i'm with you on the cooking thing. and it is really interesting how the holidays can bring out the cook in a lot of people! i think i'm just going to stick with baking some cookies this year..

  4. My secret to serenity is through books. When I start reading a novel I get lost in those words and I lose track of time. I can read a novel for hours at a time and it would feel like minutes to me. I love reading a good book.

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