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Kid’s Wall Decals

This is a guest post from All Children Decals who provided compensation for this post.





Make your kid’s room unique with kids wall decals

With the numerous modes of decorating rooms in the market it becomes very difficult for a person to choose a single way which is both easy to perform and fits the budget perfectly. Absolutely folks, it is a dream come true to find a solution to decorate the rooms of your house, especially the kid’s room keeping the budget in limit from http://allchildrendecals.com.

While looking for ways to decorate the room for my baby son I felt like tearing the hair from my head as the ways of decorating which I liked end up going way over our budget and the solutions I got within budget I didn’t like those at all. It was the same story until the time I came across the perfect nursery wall art for my kid’s room – kids wall decals.





What are kids wall decals? – The concept behind wall stickers and decals

If you haven’t yet come across with the term and concept of kids wall decals or stickers, it is absolutely fine folks and even I didn’t know about it until two years ago. But there are several ways through which you can get to know the idea of putting up wall stickers in your kid’s room. The concept behind kids wall decals is a very simple one. For example, there is also living room quotes or quotes for any related spaces, and quotes of any themes.

We all have pasted stickers in our childhood days on various objects, such as scrapbooks, notebooks, tables, doors of our rooms, doors of wardrobe and cupboard – haven’t we? This same concept of sticking stickers applies on the kids wall decals and every other wall stickers, just that the wall stickers are stuck on the walls of the rooms as the name suggests.

There are various shapes and sizes of wall stickers including kids wall decals available in the market for you to choose from. You can get large sized wall stickers which can take up a full wall or half a wall or you can also stick up tiny wall letters and quotes as according to your taste and preference.




How to apply kids wall decals on the walls of your nursery room?

You will be amazed to know how simple it is to apply wall decals on any of the walls in your house. People tend to believe that a thing which be hard to do just because they do not have the necessary knowledge about the particular thing, isn’t it?

Not knowing anything about wall stickers also made me think that it must be hard to apply it on the walls of my kid’s room which made me very nervous. But once I got to know it after that it was a child’s play to me. I am pretty sure after knowing the steps of applying kids wall decals you will share my opinion on it being extremely easy.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about wall decals and absolutely nothing about how to install it on my kid’s walls. And hence I searched in the internet on the various steps of applying wall stickers on your house walls. I am now going to share with you guys the steps of sticking kids wall decals on your child’s room.

One thing you must remember is that kids wall decals and the several other types of wall stickers are self adhesive in nature. Therefore, never try to put glue or any other kind of adhesive on the back paper of the stickers. The backing paper which is present on the back side of the wall decal is there to protect the self attached glue which is already present in the sticker.

All you have to do is to peel off the backing paper very carefully and then have to paste it on the wall – on the exact place of the wall where you want the decal to be put up. That’s all folks! You have successfully decorated your kid’s room with wall decals.






Benefits of opting for kids wall decals and stickers for your baby’s room

The most popular advantage which makes us, the parents very happy about opting for kids wall decals is the fact that they are very reasonable to purchase and use. If you think properly and look around you, you will find various other modes of decorating your child’s room which will cost you a lot. But with the wall stickers you can never go aboard with your budget. The wall decals are quite affordable for each and everyone all around the globe. Hence, by choosing to decorate your kid’s room with wall stickers you will always spend the money within your budget.

The kids wall decals available in the market are non-toxin in nature, thus are perfect to be put up in your kid’s room. Also, they are extremely easy to install than the other decorative methods. The wall decals saves a lot of time and money both as in no time it will give you the perfect nursery for your baby plus be light on your pocket.

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  1. My kids are switching rooms and I want to get some of these for their “new” rooms. They seem like a lot of fun.

  2. I am a huge fan of wall decals! It’s such an easy way to make big decor changes in any room without all the work of painting or papering! My kiddos love making their room their own with decals!

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