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Healthy Competition with Nestlé Pure Life #CBias #Shop

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It is fantastic to have a healthy competition with your husband and Nestlé Pure Life water can help! I am glad I am a part of #CollectiveBias #Ad so I had an opportunity that pushed me to get on the water bandwagon. My husband and I have engaged in a little competition to get healthy. On March 31, 2015 we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We both need to get in shape so we have a competition to see who gets in the best shape and lose the biggest percentage of body weight by our wedding anniversary. We are still working out the prizes, but the best prize is bragging rights. We are a couple that loves to talk trash, so bragging rights is a big draw.

I don’t know all of my husband’s get in shape tips and tricks and I am not going to spill all mine here, but both of us have turned to water like  you would not believe. I was a big soft drink drinker and have turned to water to quench my thirst, help me get in shape and stay hydrated. A little over a year ago I was hospitalized for dehydration so I have a new and great appreciation for water. Anyway, my husband and I are drinking water like crazy in our attempt to win the competition we are having. This week, I went to our local market to pick up some Nestlé Pure Life water. It is important to drink lots of water because #HealthyHydration is an important part of getting in shape and having a healthy lifestyle. I want a healthy life, not just a get slim quick diet plan!

Once inside the market, I went to the beverage aisle. Of course I saw all the sodas, juices and other things that I used to drink before I decided to challenge my husband to get in shape. I am proud to say that I ignore all those things and looked only at the water section of the shelves. I was looking for the Nestlé Pure Life  water and I found it.  The aisle had the one and two gallon containers which are nice for normal people who want to quench their thirst.

drink aisle for Nestle Pure LIfe Water www.janeanesworld.com

However, I am not normal people, I am a woman on a mission to kick her husband’s butt, so I kept looking.  Up at the front of the store I saw the display shelf for all the 5 gallon jugs of water. That is what I was talking about. There were a few brands of water on the display. But, I only cared about the Nestlé Pure Life water.

5 gallon display shelf Nestle Pure Life Water www.janeanesworld.com


These bottles are important because the water clean, pure and delicious. Another great thing about these bottles is that they are made with PET plastic which means the bottles are BPA free. None of the other brands of water come in 5 gallon containers that are BPA free. This means that while I am working to get myself back into great shape, I do not damage the earth with bad packaging and containers that cannot be safely recycled like I would if I purchased any of the other five gallon water containers.


supersize your water bottle Nestle Pure Life www.ljaneanesworld.com


These bottles will last the two of us for quite a while. In addition, if I lift this and put it on the water dispenser myself, I get the added benefit of adding weight lifting to the mix! That makes sense, right? While at the market, right next to the 5 gallon containers of water I found the most amazing thing. I am going to pick it up so that I can have my own personal container of Nestlé Pure Life water in my office so I can slurp it down even more often.  It was this adorable portable water dispenser that attaches to the Nestlé Pure Life water jug and turns the jug into a dispenser.




I am determined to get into shape, not just to kick my husband’s butt, it is also the right thing to do. I am drinking water, lifting some weights and started walking (the running will come once a few more pounds leave). I have come to like water because it quenches my thirst, fills me up and keeps me hydrated with zero calories!


exercise essentials Nestle Pure LIfe Water www.janeanesworld.com


If you and your spouse want to get into good shape or better shape, stop by your local market and pick up some water of your own. Right now, the Nestlé Pure Life water is available at markets all over the country. It is not currently available at Walmart stores. Perhaps it will be carried at Walmart stores in the near future which will be great for me  because as I lose weight and need new clothes and equipment it would be great to pick up Nestlé Pure Life water while shopping for those things at my local Walmart store.  I already need new clothes to work out in because the seasons are changing. I also want to keep getting new work out equipment so I do not get bored and stop working out.  If Walmart had the Nestlé Pure Life water in the five gallon jugs it would make life a lot easier for our family.

If you want to learn more about Nestlé Pure Life water, be sure to check it out on social media.



I am looking forward to celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary on March 31, 2015. Twenty-five years is a long time and a major accomplishment. It will be great to be in better shape, and to be able to pick up cute outfits when I shop at Walmart for the Nestlé Pure Life water I hope they are selling by then. However, I must admit, it will be awesome to kick my husband’s butt in the challenge!


before shot Nestle Pure Life Water www.janeanesworld.com
Photo Credit Wanda Fernandez-Thomas of MadCris Images


In conclusion, it is fantastic to have a healthy competition with your husband and Nestlé Pure Life water can help! So, the question for you this fantastic day is what tips can you share that will help me kick my darling husband’s butt in this competition? If you do, comment below. I could really use the help!



32 thoughts on “Healthy Competition with Nestlé Pure Life #CBias #Shop”
  1. Becca, it is fun, but the competition is serious! I really want to win because I have been doing a lot of trash talking!

  2. I order water with lemon when I go out, but I have not been doing that at home. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I love the idea of a healthy competition! Nestle waster is definitely awesome–I chug water all day long, love it with a little lemon! 😀

  4. I like that water dispenser and I love that their bottles are BPA free. I tend to put bottles in the freezer which I know is really bad but it just makes me feel a little better when they’re at least BPA free. 🙂 Thanks for this informative post and wishing you lots of luck in your fitness journey!

  5. We don’t use small plastic water bottles, but we do drink a lot of water. I’m going to look into this brand.

  6. I’ve never purchased it in the big sizes like that. I have purchased the smaller bottles many times.

  7. Having the water ice cold helps me. I freeze the bottles and then drink the water when it starts to thaw. Good luck on your challenge.

  8. A portable water dispenser is so cool. I need one of those.

  9. My daughter drinks a lot of bottled water. I wonder if she knows that her favorite comes in the large jugs?

  10. I love water. I need to get more in though. I’m really good when it comes to limiting my soda intake though.

  11. I’ve just started getting in shape agai myself, so I am paying close attention to more water in take.

  12. Thanks! I try to set little time goals for myself, like at noon I should have a certain amount consumed. Maybe I can give myself some sort of treat for achieving it.

  13. Thanks for your good wishes. By the end of this competition, I will be a huge water drinker instead of a huge person! That is a nice switch.

  14. MY husband tells me soft drinks are like drugs they are addictive. It is so hard to stop drinking them, I think he may be right.

  15. I am a huge water drinker. So, i think this is a great competition and reason to learn more about the benefits of drinking water. Good luck to you!

  16. I have never tried this water before, I have seen it, but have just never tried it. I have been slowly getting off soft drinks for weeks now—it’s hard!

  17. The water tastes good so that helps me drink it. It was hard to give up the cola for water, but I am determined to make it work!

  18. What a great competition! I’m definitely a soft drink drinker, but if we had a 5 gallon dispenser filled with Nestle Pure Life Water I bet I would grab a glass of water more throughout my day. It would be awesome if they sold these at Walmart – I’m there all the time! Thanks for sharing! #client

  19. I have started using those water flavor enhancement drops and that helps me a great deal. I also like it when the water is COLD. Thanks for your good wishes for me on the challenge.

  20. Good luck on the challenge! I am so terrible at drinking water, I need to figure out how to trick myself into drinking more.

  21. I have tried this water before. However, I had no idea that it came in the large jugs. I will have to price check to see if it would be better to purchase it like that instead of singles.

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