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Be Grateful for Work


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Recognize that there is a reason to be grateful  for work. Each day, all over the planet earth people get up and go to work. Some people are entrepreneurs who go to their own businesses and look for ways to serve their clients, make sure their employees are paid, and that business continues. Some people are employees who go to work for others and do their best to do a good job so they can continue to work and earn paychecks. Some people work at home without paychecks and make sure their families are run efficiently and lovingly.  Whether you fit into one of these categories or a different one, be grateful for your work.

Your work, no matter what kind of work it is, is a blessing, an opportunity and a chance to do things and make the life you want. If your work is not what you want it to be, stop making excuses and find a way to change it. If you are an entrepreneur who has lost the passion for her business, remake your business or make a new business. If you are an employee who hates her job, stop complaining and find a new job or create a business of your own. If you work at home managing and caring for your family and your family is crazy and the budget is out of whack, start doing things differently. No matter what your situation is, be grateful you have work.




Be grateful for your work simply because you should be grateful for what you have.  It is a sign of respect to yourself and those around you. There are people all around watching you, looking at the example you set. These people are your neighbors, your co-workers, your employees, your family members even strangers who only see you on the commute each day or in line at the market. You create a reputation by what you do, how you act and how you talk. If you carry yourself like someone who is not grateful for her work, you create a negative reputation for yourself. Be grateful for your work because it is human nature to do a better job with things you are grateful to have. In all you do, you should always do your best and strive for excellence. An attitude of gratitude is a way of striving for excellence.


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 It is wonderful to recognize  that  there is a reason to be grateful  for work. So, the question  for you this  wonderful  day  is, why are you grateful for work?


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It is always important to keep in mind that while misery loves company, no one wants to be that company. If you are not grateful for the work you have, go find other work. After all, most people do not have infinite financial resources. As a result, people must work. One of the best ways to ensure continues employment is to express gratitude for the work you have. [Read More . . . ]


Get-a-new-attitude-at1Three Ways to Make Work Better

No matter what the situation, there are a few things people who work should come to understand as early in their work lives as possible because they will make work better.The following three ideas that once, will make work better:

  1. All play and no work, makes Jill broke.
  2. Misery loves company, but your employer’s name is not misery.
  3. Attitude determines altitude.

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New Idea – Be Grateful for Work

Each day people lose jobs or search for a new job without success. No matter how horrible your job is and no matter how much you wish you were not on the job, there is someone who would to have your job. Your job is not a curse. Your job is not a hindrance. Your job is not what is keeping you from getting where you want to go. The problem is your attitude. If you start with an attitude of gratitude, and are truly happy that you have work, your will look at the day differently.

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