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What My Favorite Blogging Group Taught Me About Team Work


It is not just a cliché, team work really does make the dream work. When I began working as a blogger I had no idea what bloggers actually did or that one could earn a living as a blogger. Over time, I have learned so much about blogging, the blogging industry and writing. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that bloggers are better off with a team.

It is important to find a team that will help you reach your goals and make your dreams reality.

Pushing Lovely is a blogging group that was created to push women to tell their stories. Over the course of time, the group has grown and developed so that it is now a group of women, who are bloggers help each other to be their best personally and professionally. Over the past three plus years, this group of women has helped me grow, develop and thrive as a blogger. They have encouraged me as an entrepreneur. They have been there through my best of times and my worst of times. Through it all, I have felt their love, support, positive energy and pushes. Some of my proudest moments and biggest accomplishments is that Lovelies have become speakers at nation-wide conferences, written books, created charities and improved in their personal and professional lives.

One thing that WAHMs like myself miss is the water cooler conversations that people typically have at work throughout the day. During those water cooler sessions, co-workers network, share secrets and help each other to do better at work. Pushing Lovely provides that water cooler experience via the internet and does it in a fantastic manner. These women are incredible, smart, create and write in a wide variety of genres. There has never been a time that I needed help, prayers or a quick how-to lesson that the Lovelies did not show up and do all that I needed without hesitation. Pushing Lovely is famous for our hangouts where we get together to share information and help each other improve as bloggers, business women and professionals. One of my happiest moments as co-founder and leader of Pushing Lovely is that the Lovelies asked for the group to have hangouts where we just sit, talk and get to know one another better. The fact that these women from a variety of backgrounds, parts of the country and levels of experience want to hang out and just talk with one another, the fact that is important to the members is an awesome thing.

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9 thoughts on “What My Favorite Blogging Group Taught Me About Team Work”
  1. I am with you, I miss the water cooler conversations also. I quit my job a little over 10 years ago to stay home with my son, almost 5 kids later I am home with them. I miss the adult conversation during the day at times.

  2. I love that Pushing Lovelies is like a team. You can support each other and the simple “water cooler” interactions sound pleasant too.

  3. Teamwork is a big part of success. I love the support and community I’ve found within the blogging community.

  4. It is great to have a networking team that genuinely looks out for the best interest of all members that are in the group. This makes blogging so much easier.

  5. That sounds like a great group! I love it when women come together to support each other.

  6. All the warm fuzzies! This was a great write up on the Pushing Lovely crew. It is awesome (and essential) to have a team that supports, motivates and encourages you on a daily basis. I know that my Lovelies will be there to offer all of that and more. We’re a team, a family and an amazing group of women. So glad to be a part of it.

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