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The idea of achieving work/life balance is often seen as a struggle. Most people have obligations at home and work that must be balanced. Each area needs time and attention. All work and no play make Jane a dull girl. At the same tie, all play and no work make Jane a homeless, hungry girl. In order to be successful and happy, we must find a way to balance the needs of both areas.

That is what the articles in this section are all about. They are designed to help you find a way to balance it all and live a happy life. So start reading, take notes, and star living a more balanced and happier life

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  • Know Your Happy Place and Balance Work and Home

Know Your Happy Place and Balance Work and Home

It is easier to balance work and home when you know your happy place. ver the course of the past five years, I have not had a single day without…

Define Your Work for Yourself

It is fantastic to realize home and work are independent entities and to define work for one's self.

Balancing Home and Work is a Decision

Balancing obligations at work and home does not happen by accident. It happens as the result of a decision. If you want to find a way to balance it all…