• Thu. May 26th, 2022

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Set Time Limits to Balance Work and Home

Here is a neat trick to balance your work and home, set time limits. Do not think that you will go from work to home and back on your own. Use a timer on a clock, phone, or stand-alone timer. This way you will be able to balance your obligations.

When you are trying to balance work and home, learn to set time limits.

It is often very hard for entrepreneurs who work at home to balance work and home. One of the main reasons for the struggle is that the office and the house share an address. Traditional employees and entrepreneurs leave their homes to go to work. This means they have a clear and distinct separation between the time spent at home and the time spent at work. Things are very different for entrepreneurs who work from home.

There are very few work-at-home entrepreneurs who put on business suits to go to work at home. It is more likely that a work-at-home entrepreneur will go to work in the loungewear she would wear at home. In addition, the lack of commute from home to work helps to blur the lines between home and work. There are a few other areas that blur the line between work and home including the following:

  • kitchen table vs cafeteria
  • living room vs employee lounge
  • refrigerator vs water cooler

With all these differences, it is easy to understand why the lines between home and work are so easily blurred for work-at-home entrepreneurs. In addition, modern laptops, tablets, and smartphones make it possible for work-at-home entrepreneurs to work from any room in the house or even in the backyard by the pool.


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One of the best things a work home entrepreneur can do to balance work and home is to set time limits. When an entrepreneur has set hours for work and home, she has taken a first step towards balancing work and home. After all, you cannot balance two things if you don’t know where each begins and ends.

Take the time to put the schedule in writing. When the schedule is in writing you can examine it, adjust it, and live with it. Look at your schedule carefully. Do you have sufficient time set aside for work Did you save enough hours and hours at the right times to meet personal and familial obligations? If it doesn’t look good on paper, it is not going to be good in real life.

 Set Time Limits to Balance Your Work/Home Life


Once your schedule looks good on paper, start living it. Start following the schedule you have created. How does the schedule work for you? Do the start and end times for work make sense? Or would you be more productive and thus profitable if you started work three hours later or two hours earlier? Do you have sufficient time for yourself and your family?

Keep in mind the following facts:

  • You control your schedule.
  • Your schedule is a living breathing thing.
  • If your schedule doesn’t fit, you can fix it.
  • Your schedule should be a help, not a nuisance.


It is important to realize that your schedule should work for your life and not be the other way around. So, the question for you on this fantastic day is, does your schedule help you achieve work/life balance?