• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

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4 Powerful Reasons Self-Respect Is Important for Children

teach your children self respect


It is important to teach self-respect because it sets a good foundation for the rest of their lives.  My favorite kindergarten teacher in all the world is named Liz Friedman. She is kindergarten teacher at Gladwyne Elementary school where my children go to school. One of the first thing she teaches her students is that they should show themselves good friendship. Self-respect goes along with good friendship. When we teach our children self-respect we give them a tool that will serve them well all their lives.

There are 4 powerful reasons it is important to teach our children self-respect:
1.     We train others how to treat us
2.     Respect, like charity, begins at home
3.     Sometimes, respect must be shown, even if it is not earned

4.     The Golden Rule

We Train Others How to Treat Us

It is important for children to know that we train others how to treat us by what we allow them to do and by how we treat ourselves. When our children treat themselves with respect, dignity and grace, it shows others what we expect. Children who respect themselves set a clear and visible standard that will be evident to all who observe them. Even without saying a word, it will be evident what type of treatment our children expect from others.