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1/1/22 The Week in Review

Week in review – this week in this online magazine, we started by talking about teaching your kids to stay ready. We ended the week talking about operating your business as if there is something to learn.  Between those two days we shared the following articles:


The Week in Review

Lessons for Our Children – Don’t Get Ready, Stay Ready

Life is full of lessons for our children including – don’t get ready, stay ready. If we teach them this lesson when they are young, they will be better prepared for life when they are adults. Click here to read more.


You are Special Take Action Now to Improve Your Physical Health

Take action now to improve your physical health because you are special. You deserve your best efforts to be the best person you can be. Click here to read more.



When It Comes to Technology Be A Belt And Suspenders Girl

When it comes to technology, be a belt and suspenders girl. In other words, have a backup for your backup. In the event of trouble, you will be glad you did! Click here to read more.



Operate Your Business as if There is Something to Learn

When it comes to your business, there is always something to learn. Each day, take time to learn something that will help you do better in your business.  Once you learn things that will benefit your business, make sure to find a way to store those lessons for when you need them later. Click here to read more.



Check out these articles to see anything you missed. Or, if you spent the week with us, you may find a favorite you can read again or share with someone in your circle.




That’s it for this week. Join us next week for another look at The Week in Review.