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You are Special Take Action Now to Improve Your Physical Health

Take action now to improve your physical health because you are special. You deserve your best efforts to be the best person you can be.


It is magnificent to take action now to know you are special and take action now to improve your physical health.


If you talk to most people they will tell you that given a choice of good physical health or increased income, they would prefer increased physical health. After all, money can buy many good and wonderful things, but it cannot buy cures for incurable diseases and it cannot buy relief from chronic pain. One of the good things about physical health is that for the most part, we can take action now to improve our physical health.

For many women, the thing that keeps them from improving their physical health is refusing to put other things aside or on hold in order to take care of themselves. These women will move mountains to have time for their spouse’s and children’s activities. However, when it comes to their own activities these women will not take the time needed to take care of their physical health. For example, a mother with a child with a nut allergy will know every food additive and ingredient that comes near her child. She will take special care to always have the proper food on hand. When it comes to herself, she will grab whatever is at hand, without care.  She does not treat herself as if she is special and deserving of good and proper attention being paid to improving her physical health.
You have obligations at home,  at work, as well as socially. It is still important to recognize that you are special and in need of special time and attention. Look at your calendar and find some time to exercise. Do you need to get up early or stay up late in order to get the exercise done? If so, do it. When you do the family grocery shopping, be sure to include the lean meats fresh fruits, vegetables, and supplements you need in order to stay healthy. When planning the family budget, be sure to include workout clothes and shoes. You are special, you are worthy, you deserve this. Your physical health will never improve until you make improving it a priority in your life. 

When a woman feels she is special, worthy, and deserving of the effort to care for her physical health, she is more likely to take care of herself and to feel good about doing so. Additionally, this woman is more likely to have good mental and emotional health because she recognizes and appreciates her value and importance. When a woman recognizes her worthshe creates an atmosphere that causes others to see her worth and value. It is indeed a wonderful thing to see.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to know that you are special and to take action now to improve your physical health. So the question for you thing to magnificent day is what steps are you taking to improve your physical health?


14 thoughts on “You are Special Take Action Now to Improve Your Physical Health”
  1. I really, truly, needed to read this today. I’m STUCK in a rut. But I’m going to be making changes.

  2. I totally agree! Taking care of myself physically is one of my favorite ways to show myself some self-love.

  3. I totally agree! I take the time to workout everyday and it has improved my health so much

  4. I totally agree. And while putting yourself first may seem selfish sometimes, it actually just makes me more efficient in being able to help in all those other areas of life!

  5. This article is spot-on, especially with us taking care of our children but not ourselves!

  6. With the weather warming up, I take my daughter on regular walks. We live near a reservoir, so there’s no excuse! I also walk to get my Thai takeout instead of driving the mile or two.

  7. I agree 100%. The last two years I have been very serious about my weight and health. I exercise and cook most of my meals. Once you get started and keep going before long it will be a habit.

  8. This is so true. .. I find myself doing that now and I want to get myself into the habit of taking care of myself before the new routine rolls in. Great advice!

  9. I started today by getting my butt up and making dinner, even though I was exhausted, instead of ordering pizza. When we eat well, that gives us the energy that we need to take care of ourselves. I agree with everything in this post!

  10. I agree! I have made an effort to take care of myself…luckily work requires an annual physical or that would never happen!

  11. I need to get a routine down to actually get exercise! It’s so hard with 3 kids to take time for myself, even though I know it’s important.

  12. I agree, physical health is such an important part of life. Let’s all do our part to stay healthy for our kids and to show them how to be healthy, too!

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