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Your Cell Phone Camera Lets You Use Technology in a New Way

It is terrific to use your cell phone camera in new and exciting ways to make life easier.


It is terrific to use your cell phone camera in new and exciting ways to make life easier. As time goes by the devices we use become more and more sophisticated, smaller and more common place. Not that long ago, people could not imagine the need for cellular phones. Now it is almost impossible to live without them. Since we are carrying smart phones that are full of all finds of features and applications, it makes sense to use our phones for more than just making telephone calls. The feature we will be discussing today is the cell phone camera.

If you use electronic devices for planning, be sure to link them all.
While the camera on the typical cell phone will not replace a professional grade camera, it is more than sufficient for many purposes.  The following are some great uses for the camera on your cellular phone:
  • Comparison Shopping – When shopping for items at more than one store, take a photograph of the store name, item, price tag and location in the store so you can find it easily later


  • Parking Lot Assistant – In a busy mall parking lot take a picture of your parked car and the steps to the elevator. The cars next to you may leave but following your pictures backwards  will get you back to your car


  • Phone Number Catcher – when you go buy houses for sale or rent, store locations and the like, take a photo of the phone number instead of just writing it down. This will help you remember the atmosphere of the place, help with transposition errors and be a better memory aid than just a phone number alone.


  • Grocery List – take a photo of kitchen grocery items as you run out and save them in a separate file. This way you can flip through the photos as you shop and pick up all the items you use and need. Also when shopping take photographs of interesting combinations at sample stations so you can re-create the ones you like at home later.


  • Receipt Records – take photographs of your shopping receipts and save them on your computer. Many stores need your receipt information for returns, warranty service and the like. If you have a photograph of the receipt, the store will be able to get the necessary information from the receipt and help you when the original receipt has disappeared.


  • Bullet Journal  – instead of lugging around your bullet journal with you everywhere you go, snap photos of current pages.  You can refer to the pages you need and make notes to transfer to your bullet journal later.  You can also use my bullet journal secret. I created a bullet journal using One Note and now I can use it right on my phone, tablet, or laptop.


These are just a few of the novel uses for the camera on your cellular telephone. There are many more. In conclusion, it is terrific to use your cell phone camera in new and exciting ways to make life easier. So the question for you this terrific day is, what are some great ways you use the camera on your cellular phone?

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5 thoughts on “Your Cell Phone Camera Lets You Use Technology in a New Way”
  1. I use my phone camera as a investigation tool. If anything happens, I have evidence.

  2. Great ideas! I use mine to snap a pic of my car insurance card so I’ll have it even if I forget to put irbil my car!

  3. I’ve used the camera to remember where I park. It’s nice to be able to take a picture of information so I don’t have to remember

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