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What Are You Afraid Of?



It is magnificent to know that no matter what you are afraid of, you can take action now and succeed.  In order to succeed, in every situation, there comes a time when in order to succeed, a person must take action now even if they are afraid. When a person takes action now, she starts going what needs to be done. In other words when you take action now, you move from planning to do something to actually doing something. While this is a matter of common sense, it is still a frightening thing, to move forward, to take action.





Sometimes, people do not take action when they should because they are afraid. When a person is afraid, she feels fear or anxiety. This feeling of fear or anxiety can sometimes be paralyzing. Fear is a real thing. There is no benefit to denying that fear exists. It does not help matters to tell people who are afraid to ignore the fear or to act as though it does not exist. Instead, a better solution is to teach people who are paralyzed by fear to act while they are afraid. There are many ways to take action even when one is afraid. These include:

  • the big girl panties approach
  • analysis of best case/worst case scenario
  • push forward

The “big girl panties” approach means that when someone is afraid, she shows up like a grown up and does what needs to be done. She acknowledges her fear and yet continues to move forward. This approach is successful because the person following it powers forward keeps taking action until the job is done. She is not pretending the fear doesn’t exist. Instead, she is acting even though she is afraid and not letting anything stop her moving forward on her path to success.






The “analysis of best case/worst case scenario” approach means that one looks at the situation she is facing and determines what is the best thing that can happen here.Then she determines what is the worst thing that can happen. In many cases, once one has determined what is the best thing that can happen and what is the worst thing that can happen fear of the unknown is lessened. The fear is lessened because possible outcomes are identified and boundaries are identified. Once these things are identified, a person no longer has to be afraid of everything. Instead, she knows what she is facing and can act accordingly.


In conclusion, it is magnificent to know that no matter what you are afraid of, you can take action now and succeed. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how are you going to take action to succeed even when you are afraid?


13 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?”
  1. I assume that we are just have the fear that’s why sometimes we are too hesitant to do something, however you sometimes have to be risky in order to be able to know what would be better for us.

  2. I have to confess…

    The biggest fear I have is driving, this scenario keeps popping in my mind that I would have a crash. I have my license for years now but I seldom drive, just not comfortable with it.

  3. this is quite a very inspiring article…i have some fears too anh hope i one i can win over it and move forward..thanks for visit and good luck.

  4. I tend to analyze the situation first before moving forward. I have my own fears too but I’m glad that our God is bigger than our fears. Having said that, I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  5. I only stress over my family, nothing else is worth it. I learned a long time ago everything in life can be replaced except for my husband and kids. Always take a deep breath and ask yourself if it is going to be important one year from today, if the answer is no, then let it go.

  6. Amazing post thank you – I have a lot of fears (and anxiety) to a degree I can push through it (I have to otherwise I would do nothing) but sometimes it can get very hard and I just want to curl up. x

  7. Inspirational! you have inspired me far more than my parents Janeane. If you meet anyone and he asked you how have you affected anyone’s life, tell them you affected mine and that is a pretty hard thing to do!!

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