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Why Wait – Be Strong and Take Action Now

You must realize that “Someday” is not an actual day on the calendar so be strong and take action now.

You start to take action now by planning with actual days, not “Someday.”

We all have dreams, goals, and plans that we want to make happen. Some of us will never make our dreams a reality, reach our goals, or accomplish what we plan. Others among us will go from dream to dream come true, surpass our wildest dream and accomplish all our SMART plans. One of the biggest differences between the two groups of people is that the latter group realizes that “Someday” is not an actual day on the calendar.

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One of the first things we must do if we want to succeed with our dreams, goals, and plans is to set them to actual dates. This means we must pull out our calendars and schedule the steps along the way on actual dates that we see on the calendar. It is good to have a to-do list. Even a to-do list with a hundred items on it is a good thing, under the right circumstances. The to-do list is just the start of things. Once you have a to-do list, you must start giving each item on the to-do list a place on your calendar.

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For example, in the graphic above, you see a printout of part of my actual to-do list. One of the first things you will notice is that each item has a due date attached to it. There is nothing on the list that will happen “Someday.” Each item is assigned to a specific date on the calendar. Another thing you will notice when looking at the to-do list is that no date is overfilled with things to do. There is time enough each day to do the items assigned. In addition, there are still sufficient hours each day to do other things that may come up or that are done as part of your daily habit. If you place too many items on your to-do list, several problems will arise. These problems include:

  • Sense of failure for not being able to complete list
  • Exhaustion and stress from being overworked
  • Frustration at the sheer amount of work that must be done

It is important to understand that no matter how carefully you plan your to-do list, there will be times when you do not get everything that you want to get done. There will be days when you have so many surprises and so many fires to put out that you do not have time to complete your to-do list. That does not matter. You must still create the to-do list and you must still add each task to a specific day. At the end of each day, look at your to-do list. Cross off the things you have accomplished. Then move the things that have not been completed to another date on your calendar. I keep my to-do list electronically. The electronic to-do list makes it easy and neat when I have to move items from one day to another.



It is not easy to be strong and take action now to get things done, but you must do it. It is not easy to do and you may need to tell yourself to do it over and over again each day. You may have to remind yourself to do it several times per hour. That is okay. The important thing is that you must take action now and get things done. If you need help, check out my book, “Take Action Now and Get Things Done.” It is full of ideas, examples, and stories to help you as you get stronger and better at taking action now and getting things done. The book is available as an ebook and in paperback for your convenience.

It is scary to take action now, but be strong, you can do it.

If we are going to be honest, we must admit that there is something comfortable about planning to do something “Someday.” Since Someday is not a real day, it doesn’t matter if we never actually do what we plan. It is easy to push things off to the side if they are not due today, but are due Someday. When we wake up on Tuesday morning and see we have three tasks assigned for that day, there is a subtle, yet real pressure to get those tasks done. There is no real pressure to get things done that are assigned to Someday.

It takes a certain amount of bravery to push forward and take action now to get things done. It really can be scary. The bigger the dream, the goal, or the plan, the scarier it can be. This is a reality. There is no point in ignoring the fear or even pretending it doesn’t exist. Neither of those things lessens the fear. Neither of those things makes the fear any less real. If fear is what is stopping you from taking action now to get things done, admit it. Admit it to yourself. Admit that you are scared. Admit that you are very scared to take action now and get things done. Then channel your inner superhero and get moving.

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One of the best qualities that children have is the ability to pretend to be superheroes. If you give a kid a chance to be a superhero, a kid will put on a pretend cape and then imagine herself flying over tall buildings, seeing through concrete walls, and beating up every villain she encounters. Once a kid pretends she is a superhero, there is nothing she cannot take action now and accomplish. If you are afraid to take action now and get things done, you can become brave by finding a way to pretend you are a superhero.

Don’t try to make logical sense of the notion. Don’t try to figure out why it works. Instead, just pull on your imaginary superhero costume and then start doing what needs to be done. If the idea of a superhero doesn’t give you the bravery you need, find another method. Pick a woman you admire and channel her. The woman can be someone you know in the real world like a friend, mentor, or relative. The woman can be a character in a book or television show. The woman can even be a celebrity who is only a friend to you in your imagination. Who the woman is does not matter. What matters is that she must be someone you can copy and who will give you the strength you need to take action now and get things done.

It may be scary to take action now and get things, done, but you can do it. No matter who you are, no matter how many times you have procrastinated in the past, you can take action now and get things done. You have the strength or you can find it and get it done. So, the question for you on this magnificent day is, will today be the day you stop waiting for Someday and find the day to take action now and get things done?


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