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Every Day is the Start of a New Year – Fix Your Attiude

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At the beginning of each year people are full of excitement and planning to make all kinds of promises to themselves and others about attitude adjustments they will make.


Every day is a good day to take action now and make your resolutions a reality.

New Year’s resolutions are good things. The new year is a clear starting point. It is a visual, time bound point to tie a goal or plan. What people so often forget is that every day is the start of a new year. Every day is a new chance to choose to be the person you want to be. This means that you can make New year’s resolutions every day of the year.

The important thing to remember is that the resolution is actually the easy part. No matter how complex the resolution, no matter how much thinking and planning went into creating the resolution, creating the resolution is the easy part. The hard part of it all is doing the actual work that takes the resolution from dream to reality. Once you set a resolution, it is time to put in work and make the resolution a reality.

No matter what you may have heard or read to the contrary, there is no magic bullet for making things happen. In order to go from making a resolution to living the resolution you must put in the work. The work may be hard, time-consuming and involve many moving pieces. None of that matters. Put in the work and get things done. It is like eating an elephant. There is a simple way to eat an elephant, any elephant. You eat it a bite at a time. No one can eat an elephant all in one bite. But anyone, no matter how small her tummy, can eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Take action now to make your resolutions a reality. Don’t let the big, bold and audacious nature of your dreams or resolutions scare you. Break your dreams and resolutions down into small bite-sized pieces so that you can work on them without being afraid. If you go a piece at a time, a step at a time you will make your dreams and resolutions become reality.



It all starts with your attitude so get an attitude for success.

There are all kinds of clichés about attitude. One of my favorites is that your attitude determines altitude. The point of this saying is that no matter what else is going on in the world, you can still control your attitude. No matter how much people get on your nerves, no matter how incompetent your co-workers are no matter how many times your business partner does things that make you think she wants to sabotage the business, it is all about your attitude. You cannot control the world, but you can control how you think about it and how you react to it. Whatever attitude you want to have at home, at work and with your co-workers you must put in the work to have it.

So the question for you this magnificent day is, what attitude are you trying to have?

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