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Verizon FIOS – Do You Know About the Lounge?

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I have been a Verizon FIOS customer since June 2015 and I just started visiting the Verizon FIOS Lounge. I just have one question for myself, what took me so long to visit? Wait until I tell you the kind of things that are going on in the lounge. The lounge alone will make you want to sign up with Verizon FIOS right away!

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

I really like it when a company gives me little surprises to make my good experience with them even better.

Verizon FIOS is a way fiber optic technology is used to deliver television, telephone and internet services directly to your home. Fiber optic technology is better for the environment than satellites. Over the last 8 months that I have been a Verizon FIOS customer I have used the telephone, television, internet (boy oh boy, do I use the internet) and the FIOS mobile app. One feature I have not been using before today is the Verizon FIOS Lounge. I do not know why I have been ignoring the Verizon FIOS Lounge, but I will ignore it no longer!

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

The Verizon FIOS Lounge is a website where FIOS customers can “have a laugh, learn a trick and discover the awesomeness of Fios. The lounge has three sections: Play, Know, Love. In the Play section, there are games and fun activities that you can do on the site. The Know section gives you all kinds of interesting information about Verizon FIOS and the services it provides. The Live section has information on how to use FIOS in your real life. Most recently while in the Live section of the Lounge I saw the most interesting things and something I had never seen anywhere before in my life! The interesting thing – popcorn pairings! The site gave you a few movies and popcorn recipes that would go great with the movie! Have you ever heard of anything more adorable and fun? I mean, this puts a whole new spin on movie night! The Verizon Fios Lounge is a nice treat that makes the experience even better.

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

Another great feature with Verizon FIOS is the ability to control who has access to the internet and when they have that access. One thing I saw when I went to the Verizon site under the My Services tab was a place where I could manage my internet service. There I saw that I had two internet accounts. One is a 2 Mhz connection and one is a 5 Mhz connection. The 2 Mhz connection is slower of course (keep in mind it is still lightening fast) but it has a broader reach and extends throughout the entire house. The 5 Mhz connection is faster but is located in a smaller area of the house. Fortunately for me it is in all the areas of the house where I need it to be the fastest. Also, I can allow my children to connect only to the 2 Mhz connection and my husband and to use the 5 Mhz connection. Being able to divide the use of the service this way makes it a lot easier for us to keep the internet connection lightening fast for the entire family.

While managing my internet connection I can control how guest access the internet when they come to visit. I can also put a lock on when the internet is shut off for the children. This is a great feature. This means when I tell them they can finish watching a movie or show on their tablets while falling to sleep, I can have the internet shut off for them when I want them to go to bed. This has been a wonderful thing. When someone asks for an 15 extra minutes, I can have the internet shut off for me. This means if I forget, they will not be sneaking up and streaming videos all night.

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

There are also a variety of virus protection tools that are available for free as part of the Verizon FIOS service. When you have internet that is faster than anything you have ever had before, you are going to use that internet a lot. When you do a lot of internet surfing, you make it possible for viruses to attack your computer if it is left unprotected. Verizon providing free internet safety tools is an incredible service that will protect your computer and allow you to surf with comfort and security.

fios lounge www.janeanesworld.com

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  1. I’ve never really been clear on what this is but I’m going to look and see if it’s in my area.

  2. I miss FIOS so much! When we moved 2 years ago, we found out they didn’t provide service in our area. Boo 🙁 I miss all their goodies and great service!

  3. Wow. I had no idea that this Fios system could do so much. Pretty impressive. – Katy

  4. I like that you can put a lock on to shut the internet down when it’s bedtime. I’d like that for the phones too. 😉

  5. I have not heard of fios. I am glad you are sharing this info. I will share with my wife who handles all this for us.

  6. While Fios is available in my area they don’t offer what I need so I skipped them. Maybe when their internet speeds are comparable to my cable company, I’d give them a try.

  7. I had no clue this existed because I am not a verizon customer, but this looks beneficial for those that are

  8. I love that parents can have better control over their children’s internet habits. Some companies have that feature, but it’s usually inadequate if they offer it at all

  9. What a great idea. I like when a company provides lots of resources and makes it easy to get information and answer your questions.

  10. I really like how Verizon offers free anti virus tools. I think I need to make a switch really soon.

  11. We are in Canada so don’t have Verison or FIOS. I do wish we had many of the plans you guys have….we are getting robbed here with the prices that’s for sure.

  12. We still can’t get FIOS in my area and might not for years. I do however love my Verizon service.

  13. Verizon Isn’t in Canada yet but I sure hope they come soon!
    It would be wonderful if we actually had another option beyond “the big three” .

  14. Verizon FIOS isn’t available in our town. If it ever does become an option I’ll have to check it out as your post makes it sound a very appealing option.

  15. Never heard of FIOS before but it sounds like a great product. I will be looking into this as I’m intrigued now.

  16. I have had FIOS for years. I am a customer for life 🙂

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