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Verizon FIOS is Helping Me Celebrate 27 Happy Years

I want to thank my wonderful partner Verizon FIOS for sponsoring this article. Please know all opinion you find here are my own.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

There’s nothing new under the sun, but things good things always look for ways to get better.

Verizon FIOS has been around since September 22, 2005. This means that it is not some new fly by night company. It is a part of the reliable Verizon family of companies. When FIOS first came on the scene it was amazing. It was different from cable and Verizon FIOS made some really big promises. And boy oh boy did they deliver. Twelve years ago, Verizon FIOS began offering crystal clear telephone service, vibrant, beautiful, high-definition television service and super-fast internet service. As the years have gone by, the phone service and television service has improved. There are now hundreds of high-definition television stations available with Verizon FIOS. The internet service improvements are nothing short of amazing.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

One of the things I find most incredible about the FIOS internet service is how FAST it is!  Before I became a Verizon FIOS customer, I had an internet service provider that bragged about it’s speed. That company’s idea of fast internet service – 15 Mpbs.  Verizon FIOS has internet speeds of 75 Mpbs and 100 Mpbs. The newest thing with Verizon FIOS – Instant Internet. The speed is  – no one matches that speed. Verizon FIOS also has the same speed for uploads and downloads. It is incredible, mind-blowing instant speed and it gets better.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

At our house there are four children and two adults. Everyone has at least two devices that connect to the internet. With Verizon FIOS, none of that matters because they have a plan that allows you to stream on 100 devices at once. How amazing is that? The magic of FIOS and fiber optics means that there is no delay, no lag. No matter how many people are on the internet at one time, everyone gets the same super-fast internet speed.

Technology, celebration and romance go hand in hand.

Verizon FIOS is a wonderful tool that is helping me spend the weekend celebrating my 27th wedding anniversary!  My husband and I are both tech geeks from way back when computers used to take up a whole room. I know that we now have computers in our phones, in our pockets that are more power than what used to be called super computers.  I am excited about the way we will be using our Verizon FIOS to help make our 27th wedding anniversary special.

It all starts with the telephone service. Friends and family members have been calling us with happy anniversary wishes. The phone is ringing off the hook. One good thing about it is that if we miss a call, we know the Verizon FIOS digital voice mail service will take our messages and we will be able to listen to all the good wishes when we have time later. In addition, when we go out for dinner or other festivities, we can even forward the home phone to our cell phones so we will never miss a call.

There are so many recipes and decorating tips on the internet. I have friends who are just as crafty as I am so with my super-fast internet service I can find great tips for making a wonderful bubble bath full of great oils and moisturizes for my husband to enjoy. It is a great surprise for him after a long hard day.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

The internet was also useful for me when I wanted to find just the right music to set the mood. Our internet is so fast, the music downloads were instantaneous. There is nothing like a mood music download taking forever to spoil the mood. With Verizon FIOS, that is never an issue. I think it and the internet brings it to me.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

Finally, at the end of the evening when we are ready to relax and enjoy the beautiful afterglow of the great day, we can turn to our Verizon FIOS television and On Demand to find just the right movie to help the romance continue. Oh, a tip for those of you who like to watch television in bed, but hate what your partner watches, use the FIOS mobile app and earphones. Your partner can watch the television and you can use the mobile app on your phone or table. So you can stay hugged up and close, but be happy because you are together but watching what you want to watch.

Verizon FIOS helping me celebrate 27 years

Well, I am going to go now because I am turning on some of that great music I downloaded and trying out the bubble bath recipe I found on Pinterest. I know I found it for my husband, but I have to try it out to make sure it relaxes and refreshes, right?

8 thoughts on “Verizon FIOS is Helping Me Celebrate 27 Happy Years”
  1. I agree that speed is so important! Especially when you have multiple family members accessing the Internet at the same time, quality matters most. I hope you got to enjoy that bubble bath!

  2. I’m thinking it’s time for us to switch. We have a countless number of devices connected to the internet (TV, tablets, computers, phones, gaming systems) and it seems like the speed gets slower every day. And happy anniversary to you and your husband!

  3. I had no idea that Fios had been around that long. I wish they would come to my area.

  4. This sounds perfect for us. I am definitely going to check out Verizon FIOS.

  5. I would love to give this a try. I will have to see if Verizon is available in my area.I have heard great things about FIOS.

  6. I have never heard of Verizon FIOS but it is defiantly something to look into. Didn’t know they had been around for so long! Happy Anniversary!

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