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Business Planning Part 3 of 5 – Marketing

Part Three Marketing Matters

It is thrilling to develop a plan for business success and part of that is understanding marketing.  This article is the third in a five-part series on preparing business plans. Each article has been dedicated to creating a plan for starting or running your business. At the end of the series, if you follow the articles and complete each section, you will have a complete business plan you can use to operate your business or seek financing. Each article will cover a different topic:

As was discussed in Part One┬áand Part Two of this series, a business plan is a tool for gathering all the important information about running your business and your financial condition all in one place. A well-done business plan will help you run your business on a day-to-day basis according to a preset, well thought out, and organized plan. Even in times of unexpected crisis, a business plan is a great tool, to keep you focused, on track, and mindful of the big picture you have set for your business. This section will be dealing with the business plan section’s marketing information. ┬á This major section of your business plan will describe the market your business competes in and your strategy for competing. When filling in this section, be as complete and accurate as possible because it can help you keep your goals in mind as you proceed with your business.┬áThe marketing information section of your business plan is composed of a great number of sections, including:

  • Market analysis
  • Market research
  • Competitors
  • Market segments
  • Target market
  • Marketing mix strategy
  • Products/services
  • Promotions
  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing goals

Market Analysis 

In this section, you will provide real concrete information about the market in which you will compete.  List out current situations, trends, and projections for the market in which you will be operating. Do not simply guess, read magazine articles in print and via the internet, and even talk to people in the industry for their opinions.

Market Research

Use this section to explain to the reader any research you have done about the products or services you will provide. Supply and explain any industry analysis, customer information, and market share data your research has uncovered.

If you are going to succeed in business you need to know who your competitors are by name, location, sales, and market share. ┬áProviding a simple pie chart graph like the one below may be particularly helpful in giving the reader a quick idea of your place in the market for your products or services. Select three competitors and discuss them in terms of strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know this because their strengths may be areas for you to strengthen your own operations. Likewise, if you know the competition’s weaknesses, you may find a place to increase your strength and fill a need in the market. This is a place for you to detail the strengths, weaknesses, and advantages of your business.

Market Segments  

Use this section of the business plan to describe the market segments in which you plan to compete. When describing the market segments, be detailed and provide information on the demographics, geographic areas, and as much information about your potential customers as possible. Pay careful attention that you match your products or services to your customers’ needs and wants.

Target Market 

In this section, state the primary market where you want to compete. Provide the demographics, geographical areas, and other identifying information. Take special care to describe as well as profile who it is you want to sell your products or services.

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Marketing Mix Strategy

This is the area of your plan where you will describe how you intend to market your products or services. Give information on the various marketing methods you will be using and how much you will rely on each marketing method.  List out how you will market each individual product or service.


List what you will sell, what products or services are you offering to the public. This is the section where you will list and detail customer service plans, market positioning, inventory control, and quality standards you have established for each product or service you will sell.


In this section, explain how you will promote your business. Use this space to talk about the types of advertising you will use (such as media, direct sales, sales promotions, publicity campaigns, and the like). Promotion is an important part of your business operations, explain your promotion activities here.


No matter how good your products or services are, and no matter how much better you are than the competition, you cannot succeed in business unless you have a plan for getting your product and service out to the market you want to serve. Explain how you plan to distribute your products or services. State whether you will be using direct distribution or established channels. Describe how your business site’s location, parking, and security, etc work with your distribution plans. If you have a location open to the public give a floor plan showing where customers will be permitted and will receive products or services. In addition, provide information on any retailers, wholesalers, or suppliers with whom you plan to work.


Use this section to explain your overall pricing policy. Give an estimate of the average sale amount. Describe the terms and conditions of any sale. Explain any credit plans and terms you intend to offer your customers

Suppliers   This is the place to provide all your supplier information including name, location, product, amount and any special supplier agreements.  

Marketing Goals   Use this section to share your marketing goals for the business. In this section include measurable, definite outcomes. List the tools you will use to measure your progress on completing each goal.  

Complete these sections of the business plan so you will be prepared to start the section on current financial information with the next article.


A good understanding of the marketing environment of your business is an important component of your business plan and crucial to your business’ success. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, do you have a good marketing plan for your business?

As always, if you need assistance or guidance as you complete this section feel free to contact me:

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