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The Life of Aretha Franklin and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

The Life of Aretha Franklin and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs
Aretha Franklin has died and it is important to note that her life had 3 lessons for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are more than mere business owners, creatives, and employers. Entrepreneurs are human beings who live in a world surrounded by other human beings. Entrepreneurs who are smart find a way to learn lessons every day in a variety of circumstances. Artist and legend Aretha Franklin’s life provided three lessons for entrepreneurs. These lessons include:

1. Quality Matters
2. Humility Matters
3. Respect Matters

Quality Matters

One of the reasons Aretha Franklin is remembered so fondly and her passing matters to so many people around the world is because she gave her audiences aka her customers a quality product. Customers happily pay more for quality products than they do for cheap knockoffs. As an entrepreneur, if you want a product that stands out, that customers crave, and that will keep your wallet full, provide a quality product.

Humility Matters

It is easy to become braggadocious, conceited, and ego-driven when you are good at what you. In fact, the better you are at what you do, the easier it is to get a big head and to be unbearable to be around. However, humility is a treasure and something to be admired. During an interview, Aretha Franklin who was a powerful presence both physically and in terms of her music in the Civil Rights movement, was asked what it was like to be a leader in the movement. Instead of answering the question, she responded that she was not a leader but she was a part of the movement, others lead the movement. Entrepreneurs will be well served to remember that their customers, employees, and peers appreciate humility.

Respect Matters

One of Aretha Franklin’s most famous songs was called “Respect.” It was an anthem that said as a woman, a black woman was entitled to respect. There is nothing wrong with demanding respect from those we come in contact with. At the same time, it is important to show respect to those with whom we come in contact. Entrepreneurs who respect their customers, employees, and peers will be more successful and happier than those who show contempt instead.

Savvy entrepreneurs will take lessons from the life of Aretha Franklin and remember that quality matters, humility matters, and respect matters.