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4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From The Walking Dead

walking dead entrepreneurial lessons

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is one of the most popular and successful shows in the network’s lineup of shows and it has several lessons for entrepreneurs.

Sometimes a big surprise is just what a situation needs.


Cliffhangers by their nature cause people to talk, to wonder, to speculate. They are the embodiment of the old saying “leave them wanting more.” That idea is not just for show business. In fact, it is an idea you should use for your business.

1. Give people a good product.

No matter what you sell or provide your customers, make it a good quality product. Do not provide a crappy product and then get an attitude when no one wants it. If you want customers, give them something good they will be happy to purchase from you.

2. Make dealing with your business a pleasure so that customers want to do it again and again.

Even if you sell a product or service that people absolutely cannot live without, provide it with a smile. Customers deserve good service, so provide that.

3. Exceed expectations – go above and beyond so that customers are always amazed at what you have to offer.

When you under promise and over deliver, customers are satisfied and are more likely to remain customers and refer others.

4. Never stop trying to surprise and delight your customers.

Do not take your customers for granted. Never think that just because you have followed the principles listed above that customers will stay with you forever. Always look for new and interesting ways to surprise and delight them.



Old dogs and business owners can learn new tricks. You can also learn them from surprising places like the television show, “The Walking Dead.”

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